Can Swimmer's Ear Last For Months?

August 16, 2023

After a delightful swim in the pool or a peaceful day at the beach, many of us have experienced swimmer's ear, a common illness medically called otitis externa. But what happens if this seemingly unimportant earache lasts for weeks or longer? Let's look into the depths of this long-lasting condition, uncovering the various causes, symptoms, and therapies for the swimmer's ear, which persistently refuses to go. For same-day swimmer’s ear diagnosis and treatment, visit the walk-in clinic at AFC Urgent Care Hillsdale today!

Understanding Swimmer's Ear

The most common cause of a swimmer's ear is when water gets stuck in the ear canal, which warms and moistens the area and promotes bacterial or fungal growth. Inflammation, itchiness, soreness, and even momentary hearing loss can result. Most of the time, the infection disappears within a few days with the proper care and treatment. But it's time to look more when symptoms last several weeks or months.

Causes Of Swimmer's Ear

Persistent Infection

One cause of a swimmer's ear is a persistent infection resistant to standard therapies. Deeply embedded bacteria or fungus in the ear canal can call for more drastic measures.

Underlying Health Issues

Some medical diseases, such as diabetes or weakened immune systems, might make it harder for the body to fight off infections, which could result in a protracted case of a swimmer's ear.

Allergic Reactions

Some people may be allergic to chemicals in water or swimming pools, which can cause chronic ear canal irritation and inflammation.

Foreign Objects

Unnoticed foreign objects trapped in the ear might prolong the swimmer's ear symptoms by causing chronic irritation and inflammation.

Symptoms Of Swimmer's Ear

There are several persistent symptoms that swimmer's ear sufferers may encounter, including:

  • ongoing discomfort and suffering
  • persistent redness and itching
  • recurring discharge or drainage
  • muted or reduced hearing.

Chronic Swimmer's Ear Symptoms

Chronic swimmer's ear is more than just a recurrence of the momentary discomfort felt while spending the day at the pool. It exhibits a broader range of symptoms that need treatment and is frequently more persistent and complex. These symptoms consist of:

Persistent Pain

Unlike acute swimmer's ear, which usually resolves within a few days, chronic cases have a persistent, nagging pain that may develop over time.

Constant Itching

Chronic swimmer's ear can be characterized by unrelenting itching deep into the ear canal, creating constant discomfort.

Constant Drainage

Pus or fluid discharge from the ear that lasts longer than the typical healing time may indicate a chronic problem.

Recurrent Hearing Issue

It's critical to address the underlying cause of a chronic swimmer's ear because it might result in sporadic or persistent hearing issues.

Prompt medical care

Consultation with a healthcare specialist is essential to identify the underlying reason and create a successful treatment strategy. These specialists prescribe ear drops or oral antibiotics to tackle a persistent infection.

Get Same-Day Swimmer’s Ear Treatment at AFC Hillsdale

While a swimmer's ear that lasts for months could seem like an unending loop, it's vital to remember that relief is possible with the appropriate approach and advice. By identifying the circumstances causing the extended suffering, obtaining proper medical care, and making proactive changes, patients can again enjoy the incredible sound of stillness.

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