AFC Urgent Care Hillsdale is here for you when you have been in an accident & need to be stitched back up. However, when an injury occurs you will need to learn how to make yourself stable when you are waiting for one of our physicians!


If a victim has suffered a cut or gash you need to avoid contact with their blood. You can do this by using plastic gloves when working with the victim. Heavy bleeding can bypass the bodies need to clot blood, this can lead to the victim losing consciousness or even death. In the event of someone bleeding heavily you should follow these steps:

  • Put pressure on the wound preferably with a sterile piece of clothing
  • Do not elevate the injury
  • Make sure the wound is sterilized
  • Do not get victims to blood on you


Choking is always unexpected & can cause a very hectic scene especially if you do not know what to do. If someone doesn’t act fast, the victim can lose consciousness & die. The Heimlich maneuver is the best thing to do if you see someone choking. Use these steps when someone is choking:

  • Look for the signs of someone choking. Someone choking will usually put their hands over their neck.
  • Stand behind the victim, wrap your arms around their midsection & place a fist between their rib cage & belly button.
  • With your other hand over the first deliver a quick thrust upward until the foreign object is removed from the victim’s throat.


In the event of a traumatic event or massive loss of blood the victim could fall into shock. Shock occurs when the victim does not receive enough blood to their brain. To help someone with shock, you should lay the victim down on the ground (If the victim is already on the ground do not move them), lift the victim’s legs 12 inches from the ground & make sure they are warm!

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