August Is For Back To School Physicals And National Immunization Awareness Month

August 14, 2023

Back to school physicals and immunization updates at AFC Urgent Care Dedham this August 2023

As we honor and embrace "National Immunization Awareness Month," it becomes evident that back to school season is the ideal time to prioritize your child's annual physical, aligning with the goals of this important observance. The focus on immunizations during this month reinforces the significance of safeguarding your child's health as they embark on a new school year. AFC Urgent Care Dedham is committed to providing comprehensive care with back to school physicals, emphasizing the importance of immunization awareness.

A Foundation for Your Child’s Health: Immunization is key

Did you know that back to school vaccinations serve as the foundation for your child's medical history? By scheduling an annual physical, particularly before the start of the school year, you actively contribute to establishing their medical records. This thorough evaluation not only helps in early detection of health issues but also ensures that you are well-informed about your child's past illnesses, injuries, and physical health during activities like sports.

Additionally, a complete physical includes a review of vaccination status. Based on their medical record, they may require updated vaccinations to maintain optimal protection throughout the school year.

What Immunizations Will My Child Need For Their Back To School Physical?

Renewing vaccinations for your child before they return to school is crucial. It not only safeguards their own well-being but also helps prevent the spread of diseases to others, including vulnerable individuals within your family and community. Children are known to be carriers of germs, but through proper immunization, their chances of falling ill and spreading infections can be significantly reduced.

Everyone has a vaccination/immunization schedule (ages 0-18). Kids and adolescents usually require these vaccines when going to elementary to high school:

  • Influenza
  • Meningitis
  • hepatitis B
  • Tetanus 
  • Diphtheria 
  • Pertussis

Most college students or incoming freshmen also need to update their vaccinations, which may include COVID-19 vaccinations. It's advisable to check with your child's school to ensure compliance. Usually, the immunizations listed above are required, but it’s best to check with your college kid’s health services to make sure there aren’t any additional vaccines needed. 

AFC Urgent Care Dedham: Your Partner for Comprehensive Back to School Immunizations

As we observe "National Immunization Awareness Month," AFC Urgent Care Dedham remains dedicated to providing top-quality care during back to school physicals and reinforcing the importance of immunizations

AFC Urgent Care Dedham welcomes walk-ins and appointments, making it easier than ever to access comprehensive back to school physicals. Most insurance plans are accepted, ensuring accessibility and peace of mind. Experience the seamless convenience of our online payment system, which allows you to pay your bill as easily as walking in or scheduling an appointment. With just a few clicks, you can quickly and effortlessly settle your payment

Together, let's promote a healthy school environment through immunization awareness during this National Immunization Awareness Month.

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