The most common types of illness during springtime

April 26, 2022

Spring is a season that comes after winter. It is a sought after period for many reasons, starting from the fact that we can return to outdoor activities and enjoy the lengthening of the day. With springtime comes longer days, warmer temperature, frequent showers, and beautiful blooms.

However, spring time is also known as a period of allergies. Because of the weather conditions, certain illnesses and allergies are easily contracted and transferred.

The reason behind the spike in allergies during this period is that, as the trees and plants blossom, the pollen from flowers gets carried away and might end up in our eyes, nose, or lungs. This leads to the immune cells in these organs to react thereby causing allergy symptoms.

Other common types of illnesses that occur during the springtime include:

●     Asthma

Asthma is a very common illness that arises during springtime. It is caused when the same allergy effect affects your lungs. With spring comes a lot of asthma triggers, such as dust, pollen, fertilizers, mold, cleaning chemicals, and insect repellents.

Asthma is a chronic respiratory illness that requires close care. It can be life threatening, which is why an emergency protocol is highly recommended for asthma patients. Usually an inhaler.

●     Seasonal allergies

You might realize that you sneeze more often during this period, that is one of the signs of seasonal allergies. Symptoms of seasonal allergies are traced to the effect trees and grass pollination, as well as mold growth in the air have on the overall health of a person.

Spring allergies may begin as early as February. To reduce your risk, make use of air conditioning in your home and car, thereby staying farther away from allergies.

●     Respiratory illness

Although viral infections are more typically associated with winter time, they are also common during springtime. Viral infections affecting the lungs, throat, and sinuses can cause respiratory sickness to occur.

It can be difficult to avoid viral infections, however, certain measures such as washing your hands regularly and keeping distance from people who are coughing and sneezing can help reduce your risk.

●     Lyme disease

Deer ticks are the insects that transmit Lyme disease, and a warm, rainy spring weather is just how to invite them. These insects become more active in temperatures above 35°F.

The best way to prevent this disease is to avoid areas with this temperature level. It would also help to wear clothes that cover your entire body while you are outside.

●     Rhinovirus

Common cold is a very common illness that occurs during spring. And rhinovirus has been traced to about 50% of common cold cases. The virus is also easily spread. Ensure to wash your hands regularly to prevent it.

During the spring, illnesses like the flu wind down as more people spend time

outdoors and participate in outdoor activities. However, other illnesses become more virulent during the spring.


So, if you are wondering why it seems to be that you fall sick during springtime, you've got your answer. If you need to address sudden seasonal illnesses, then make sure that you visit an

urgent care center or walk-in clinic today!

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