Should I Visit Urgent Care for Bruising?

May 22, 2024

Injuries can happen suddenly. For seemingly minor injuries such as bruising, it may seem unnecessary to visit urgent care for treatment. However, bruising can indicate a variety of injuries, including sprains, fractures, and damage to tendons and ligaments which require medical treatment. Learn more about when bruising may indicate that you require medical treatment.

If you’re experiencing bruising and are in need of rapid injury diagnosis and treatment, walk into AFC Urgent Care Bound Brook! Our clinic offers patients in Bound Brook, Bridgewater, Hillsborough, NJ, and the surrounding communities with rapid injury care on a walk-in basis. We maintain short wait times, making it easy to get the care that you need. Walk into the clinic today, or schedule an appointment online.

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What Causes Bruising

Bruises are common injuries. They can come in all different shapes, sizes and even colors. Bruises are marks caused by broken blood vessels. This causes some minor internal bleeding under the skin, which leads to the discolorization of the skin. Most of the time, bruises result from some kind of blunt trauma like bumping into the corner of a table. Bruises can sometimes be raised due to swelling from the impact.

Bruises are usually mild injuries that are not a cause for concern. They usually resolve on their own within a week without any intervention or treatment. However, there are certain instances where severe bruising indicates an injury that requires medical treatment.

When to Visit Urgent Care for Bruising

In most cases, bruising is nothing to be concerned about. If you know how you got the bruise and it doesn’t cause significant discomfort, it should heal on its own over time. Bruises can be painful and take days or even weeks to heal depending on the location and cause of the bruise. Although bruises are normally harmless, there are a few reasons why you should consider visiting urgent care for a bruise.

I the cause of the bruise is unexplainable, or the bruise is very large and swollen, you should seek medical care to rule out the risk of blood clotting. Similarly, if the bruise surrounds a specific limb or joint, the bruise can indicate an injury such as a fractured bone, sprained muscle, or torn ligaments and tendons. It is always a good idea to seek medical care to rule out the possibility of an injury.

Walk-In Injury Treatment near Bound Brook, NJ

If you have a severe bruise and think that your bruise may indicate an injury, it is important to seek medical care. Delaying care can lead to further damage occuring which can lead to a more severe injury and a longer recovery time. A medical professional will be able to identify whether your bruise indicates an injury and whether any further treatment is required.

Bruising can indicate a wide variety of conditions. Your medical provider may perform an ultrasound or x-ray to determine whether there is an underlying condition that has led to your bruising.

Visit AFC Urgent Care Bound Brook for Injury Care with Short Wait Times in Bound Brook, NJ

If you’re suffering from an unexplainable or severe bruise, you should seek medical care. At AFC Urgent Care Bound Brook, our medical providers are board-certified and trained to identify signs of an injury. Our clinic has a digital X-ray suite, allowing us to perform diagnostic testing at the time of your visit. We maintain short wait times, making it easy for you to walk in when it’s convenient for you and receive prompt medical care from one of our dedicated medical providers. We accept most medical insurance plans and never require that you schedule an appointment in advance to receive rapid care. Walk into the clinic today!

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