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Self Pay in Arlington at AFC Urgent Care

Self Pay (No Insurance) Urgent Care Walk-in Clinic Services at AFC Arlington

At AFC Arlington we offer very competitive rates for self-pay urgent care and walk-in clinic services. We understand that not everyone may have an insurance plan and we make sure that our out-of-pocket patients are given the same high-quality medical treatment that we give to all our patients.

We also believe in being honest and open with our patients. Therefore we have created a comprehensive no-insurance urgent care price list for the services that our walk-in clinic offers.

Please note that since each situation (injury, illness, fever, infection ear-ache etc.) is different, it is impossible for us to answer the question “How much will my urgent care visit cost?" We suggest that you consult the price list below and call our urgent care center at 781-648-4572 if you have further questions. Not having a comprehensive insurance plan can be a significant source of stress and one of our staff will be glad to help you to ensure that you get the proper care at a reasonable and affordable price.


Office and Clinic Visit Pricing

Simple Visit
Includes instant lab tests: Strep, Pregnancy, Mono, Urinalysis, Glucose, Flu and Oral Medications (Tylenol, Prednisone, Motrin, etc.)
STD-Related Physician Consultation (STD Consultation is not included in the bundle.)
See Detailed STD Test Prices
Rapid HIV $50
Travel/Immunization Consultation
See Immunization and Vaccination Prices
Physical Exams and Occupational Health Visits See List
Office Visit – Follow up
If the complaint is the same as the initial visit and within 10 days of initial visit
Suture Removal
If sutures placed by our facility then no charge (included in the initial visit)
Abscess Repacking
Recheck or packing removal only then no charge (included in the initial visit)

Add-Ons to Office Visit (other tests and services)

Rocephin/ Ceftriaxone, Toradol, Dexamethasone $20
ECG $68
Ear Lavage / Ear Wax Removal $75
X-rays – 1 views $80
X-rays – 2 views $150
X-rays – 3 views $225
X-rays – PPD Related $78
Ortho-glass Splints $140
All Laceration Repairs $129
Abscess Drainage $129
Burn Dressings $75
Foreign Object Removal
Embedded items like ticks, splinters, ear and eye foreign body
Ingrown Toenail Surgery $100
Nebulizer (per treatment) $50

STD Consultation and Testing Prices

Physician Consultation $95

STD Test Prices

HIV ½ AG/AB 4th generation $100
Vaginal Pathogen Panel- Candida, Gardnerella Vaginalis (BV), Trichomonas Vaginalis $180
Chlamydia & Gonnorrhoeae- Swab or Urine $155
Herpes Blood Panel (IGG, IGM) for Simplex 1 & 2 $70
per test
Hepatitis B Panel ( Hepatitis B Core Antibody, Surface Antibody, Surface Antigen w/reflex) $100
Hepatitis B Core Ab Igm $50
Hep B Surface Antigen with/reflex $50
RPR with Reflex to Titer & Treponema Antibody Total $50
HEP C AB $160
Trichomonas Vaginalis Rna, Males $256

Discounted STD Panels (bundle pricing)

STD Panel I – Herpes Type I + II IGG, Hep C AB, Syphilis, GC/Chlamydia, Rapid HIV $389
STD Panel II – Herpes Type I + II IGG, Hep C AB, Syphilis, GC/Chlamydia, HIV 1/2 AB/AG $399
STD Panel III– Herpes Type I + II IGG, Hep C AB,Hepatitis B Panel, Syphilis, GC, HIV 1/2 AB/AG $409
STD Panel IV – Vaginal- Candida, Gardnerella (BV)/ Trichomonas, Chlamydia & Gonorrhoeae, Rapid HIV $449
Special STD Student Bundle – Chlamydia and Gonorrhoeae
** LIMITED TIME OFFER** valid student ID required at time of registration, Rapid HIV

Other Lab Tests

Complete Blood Count w/diff (CBC) $60
Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP) $60
HCG Quantitative $60
Wound Culture- Aerobic & Anaerobic $60
Vitamin D $200
Urine Culture $60
Throat Culture $60
TSH (thyroid stimulated hormone) $60
Lead Blood (venous) $150

Gastro-Intestinal Labs (Stool Sample Testing)

Stool Culture (Salmonella & Shigella) $300
Campylobacter (Stool) $100
Clostridium Difficile (Stool) $260
OVA Parasite $306
E-coli Stool $115
H Pylori (Helicobacter Pylori) Antigen, FECAL $150

Immunizations and Travel Vaccinations

Please note that immunizations and travel vaccines are not covered by insurance. A consultation is required to carefully review your medical history before immunizations/vaccinations can be administered. The price of the consult does not include that of the required immunization/vaccine.

Travel Consultation $90
Vaccination Review $125

Travel Vaccination Prices

Typhoid $185
Hepatitis A $165 per dose
Japanese Encephalitis (Pre-Order) $440 (each dose)
Yellow Fever $250
Rabies Only (Pre-Order) $450 (each dose)
Pneumovax $205
Meningococcal (MCG4) $200

Immunizations Prices

Seasonal Flu $55
Hepatitis B (Per Dose) $130
Shingles (Pre-Order) $340
Gardasil (Pre-Order Per Dose) – 3 needed $350
TDAP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) $85
TD (Tetanus and Diphtheria) $80
Varicella (Chicken Pox) $220
Polio $100
Measles, Mumps, & Rubella (MMR) $155

PPD / TB Test Prices

PPD including reading $110
PPD reading only when placed elsewhere $69
PPD related X-ray One View $100

Titers Prices

Hepatitis B Surface Antibody $60
Measles, Mumps, & Rubella (MMR) $85
Varicella (Chicken Pox) $220
Hepatitis C $50

Physical Exams Pricing

Sports & School Physical $85
7D Physical (school bus drivers) $125
Regular DOT Physical $130
DOT/CDL Physical (Follow up 1-3 months) ($45 – $75 - $85)
Coast Guard Physical $200 (physical only), $270 (with urine drug test MRO)
Basic Work Physical $90

Occupational Medicine and OSHA required test pricing

Pulmonary Function Test $60
Zinc Protoporphyrin (ZPP), Whole Blood $150
Blood Urea Nitrogen Test (BUN) $50
Creatinine $50

Drug Testing Prices

We offer corporate/group discounts for employers in our area. Please call to inquire.

DOT Drug Screen with MRO $90
Rapid 10 Panel Test $80
Hair Follicle Drug Test $110
Drug Screen Urine or Hair Collection Only $40
Observed Urine Collection $25
Breath Alcohol Test (Employer Only) $60

Durable Medical Equipment Pricing

Neck Brace (Ankle, Wrist, Neck, Knee) $30
Walking Boots – Tall or Short $60
Post Op Shoe $32
Sling $32
Frog Splint $30
Thumb Spica $32
Crutches $30
Knee Brace – Foam $60
Knee Brace – Sleeve $60
Cane $30
Air Cast $60
Shoulder Immobilizer $32
Wrist Splint $40
Finger Splint $40
Ortho-glass Splints $25

Tick and Lyme Disease Test Prices

Lyme: Borrelia burgdorferi Abs, Total with Reflex to Immunoblot $40
Tick Panel: Borrelia burgdorferi Abs, Total with Reflex to Immunoblot & Ehrlichia & Anaplasma Species by Real-Time PCR $400

AFC Urgent Care in Arlington offers affordable self-pay walk-in clinic services to patients in the Arlington, Belmont, Somerville, Lexington, Winchester and Cambridge areas. Our clinic is conveniently located at 1398 Massachusetts Ave in Arlington MA. We also accept most insurance plans available to residents of Massachusetts including Medicare. We are a walk-in clinic – no appointment is ever necessary.

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