Empowering Men And Embracing Men's Health Month With A Check-up

May 31, 2023

Man Getting His Blood Pressure Checked During His Physical At AFC Urgent Care Torrington To Prevent Men’s Health Issues

As we age, we become more vulnerable to injuries and health concerns, such as diabetes, heart disease or injuries. It is crucial to understand that many of these issues can be prevented through preventative care and attention. 

In light of Men's Health Month, AFC Urgent Care Torrington is committed to addressing men’s health concerns. Understanding these concerns starts with awareness. For this reason, we created a comprehensive preventative guide for men of all ages, so they can take control of their health and well-being.

Preventable Health Issues for Men

Did you know that cardiovascular disease, including heart disease, is the leading health issue for men? Uncontrolled blood pressure and unmanaged cholesterol levels can lead to heart disease, affecting millions of men in the United States each year. Alarming statistics reveal that heart disease often leads to heart attacks and strokes. 

Another significant concern is diabetes, often referred to as a "silent" killer due to its potential onset at an early age without noticeable symptoms. Diabetes increases the risk of developing other dangerous conditions, such as kidney disease, stroke, nerve damage, and eye problems. 

Prevention is key: regular blood pressure, blood glucose (a1c), and cholesterol monitoring, along with exercise, healthy eating, and routine check-ups, are vital in combating these health issues.

The Workplace Isn’t Safe For Most Men… 

Men are statistically more likely to be injured at the workplace compared to women. Each year, The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports numerous fatal and nonfatal injuries and illnesses among male workers. While the reasons behind this disparity remain debatable, one cannot overlook the importance of safety precautions. 

In observance of Health and Safety Month for the workplace in June, we encourage men to take extra precautions and wear appropriate safety gear to avoid accidents and mishaps. Should an injury occur, AFC Urgent Care Torrington offers worker compensation services to aid in recovery and facilitate a swift return to work.

AFC Urgent Care Torrington: Your Partner in Men's Health 

Men's health should never be overlooked or something you push off until it becomes problematic. By prioritizing self-care, preventing health issues, promoting workplace safety, and seeking professional care at AFC Urgent Care Torrington, men can take charge of their well-being. Let this Men's Health Month be the start of a lifelong commitment to proactive health measures, ensuring a healthier and happier future.

While there are various health issues and concerns specific to men, including testosterone decline, hormone imbalances, and prostate cancer, starting with a routine check-up can significantly reduce the risk of more severe health threats and get you in a better habit of getting checked up more often. 

Conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure can impact day-to-day functioning. If you can't recall the last time you had a check-up, it's time to come in! AFC Urgent Care Torrington is here to help. We offer comprehensive check-ups, screenings for diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and more, seven days a week. Walk-ins are welcome, and appointments can be made online for a smoother check-in process. Additionally, we provide worker compensation services to assist men in getting back on their feet and back to work. Additionally, we offer the convenience of online payment, enabling you to swiftly handle the check-in and check-out procedures with just a few effortless clicks.

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