Between Passion and Caution: Understanding the Risks of STDs/STIs in Sexual Encounters

April 2, 2024

Woman experiencing STD and STI symptoms

Despite the pleasure it brings, sexual activity can carry the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and infections (STIs). While treatable, these conditions demand serious attention as untreated cases can lead to severe health complications, including infertility.

At AFC Urgent Care Torrington, we offer confidential STD and STI testing,  especially as statistics indicate a concerning rise in numbers. To combat this trend and safeguard against infection, we've developed a comprehensive guide covering STDs, preventive measures, and essential statistics.

Here are effective ways to minimize the risk of STDs and STIs:

  • Condom Use: Consistently and correctly using latex condoms significantly reduces the transmission of STDs. Non-latex alternatives are available for those with allergies.
  • Abstinence: The surest way to avoid infection is by refraining from sexual activity altogether.
  • Vaccination: Safe and effective vaccines for hepatitis B and HPV offer proactive protection.
  • Reducing Partners: Limiting the number of sexual partners lowers the risk of STD transmission.
  • Mutual Monogamy: Committing to a mutually exclusive sexual relationship reduces exposure to STDs.
  • Avoiding Sharing: Refrain from sharing sex toys, beverages, or objects potentially contaminated with bodily fluids.

When should you undergo STD/STI testing? The statistics speak volumes:

  • All individuals aged 13-64 should undergo HIV testing at least once.
  • Sexually active women under 25 should receive annual screenings for gonorrhea and chlamydia.
  • Women aged 25 and older, particularly those with multiple partners or partners with STDs, should also undergo annual screenings for gonorrhea and chlamydia.
  • For sexually active individuals, annual testing is recommended. Those with multiple partners should consider periodic testing throughout the year and consistently practice safe sex.

It's crucial to recognize that STDs/STIs aren't solely transmitted through intercourse but also through anal and oral sex. Furthermore, many cases may remain asymptomatic, underscoring the importance of regular testing to prevent future health complications and stem the rising tide of infections.

At AFC Urgent Care Torrington, we offer confidential STD & STI testing

AFC Urgent Care Torrington is committed to providing comprehensive sexual health services and resources to empower you with knowledge and protection. Seize control of your sexual health now for a better future.

Our doors are open every day of the week, welcoming walk-ins. If you prefer the convenience of scheduling an appointment through your phone, that option is also available. AFC Urgent Care Torrington accepts most insurance plans, and our online payment system makes check-in and check-out a breeze. We are dedicated to serving you.

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