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Spartanburg Rash Treatment

Rash Treatment Questions and Answers

Do you have a skin rash and need help treating it? Visit AFC Urgent Care, We specialize in providing the best care for your day-to-day problems. Call us today to speak to one of our specialists, or book an online appointment. We serve patients from Spartanburg SC, Belton SC, Northlake SC, Starr SC, Clemson SC, Easley SC, Gantt SC and Parker SC.

Rash Treatment Questions and Answers

Rashes are common afflictions affecting the outer layer of the skin. Rashes can manifest as bumps, blotches, redness, spots, hives and more. They are often itchy and raised and can spread locally or on contact. Rashes are usually the symptom of an underlying condition and its shape and pattern can often indicate the root cause.

Can I go to an urgent care for a skin rash?

Urgent care centers are well-equipped to evaluate, diagnose and treat rashes of all types and causes. With expert care and short wait times, not only will you receive advice you can trust, you will be in and out with time to spare. There is no need to book an appointment, feel free to walk in at your convenience.

How long should it take for a rash to go away?

Rashes last for varying lengths of time depending on the type and cause. Certain viral infections can cause rashes, like roseola, which normally last one or two days. Other viral infections, such as measles, have rashes that last six to seven days. Rashes caused by allergies can last mere hours, or in severe reactions, such as a reaction to antibiotics, rashes can last from days to weeks. On the most extreme end, certain conditions like lupus and dermatomyositis can produce rashes that last for years, or even decades.

When should I see a doctor about a rash?

While most rashes are not severe or life-threatening, sometimes rashes can be indicative of a serious condition. If you have a rash and notice any of the following symptoms, seek medical attention immediately:

The rash is all over your body — A rash that covers the body could indicate something concerning, such as a dangerous infection or a severe allergic reaction.

The rash is accompanied by a fever — If this is ever the case, go to the hospital emergency room right away. This could be the cause of a severe allergic reaction or a critical infection. Common infections that cause rashes include measles, shingles, scarlet fever and mononucleosis.
The rash comes on suddenly and spreads rapidly — Allergic reactions can cause quick and sudden rashes. Medication allergies are common, and some can be life-threatening. If you ever experience difficulty breathing, go to the ER or call 911.
The rash starts to blister — If a rash turns into open sores or is made up of blisters, it could be the result of an allergic reaction such as medication, or an internal cause. If a blistering rash affects multiple areas in your mouth, the skin around your eyes or your genitals, seek medical attention immediately.
The rash is painful — If a rash is painful, it should be promptly evaluated by a physician.

The rash is infected — If a rash is itchy and is then scratched, it may become infected. Signs of an infected rash are green or yellow pus or fluid, crusting, swelling, pain, and warmth in the area of the rash, or a red streak extending from the rash.

What kind of doctor do I see for a rash?

Doctors certified to treat skin conditions and disorders are called dermatologists. While these experts are the ideal choice for long-term, repeated rashes or problems affecting the skin, for sudden, unexpected or short-term rashes, a primary care doctor or urgent care doctor is qualified to evaluate, diagnose and treat acute skin rashes.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a rash from an unknown cause, come to AFC Urgent Care for treatment! Our kind and compassionate professionals are experienced in treating rashes and can effectively diagnose the root cause and treat the symptoms. For more information on our rash treatments, call our office and get in touch with a member of our specialist team. To book an appointment with our rash specialist, visit our website or speak with us over the phone today.

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