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Employee Drug Testing in South Portland & Portland, ME

As a business owner, one of your priorities is making sure you maintain a workplace that keeps your employees safe and productive at all times, as well as keeping any visitors or customers visiting your facility safe. AFC Urgent Care South Portland works with businesses of all sizes throughout the Portland area to coordinate drug and alcohol testing on your business’s schedule by administering and processing test results.

About Our Drug Testing Services for Portland-area Businesses

Illicit drug use can cost businesses across the country up to $100 billion dollars each year in lost productivity, which can be reduced or even eliminated with periodic and fair drug testing services. Drug and alcohol tests performed at AFC Urgent Care South Portland are done under strict supervision along local and state guidelines. We can perform a wide range of DOT and NON-DOT testing, including the following tests at our center:

  • Pre-employment drug testing
  • Return-to-work drug testing
  • Post-accident drug testing
  • Corporate-level drug testing
  • Random employee drug screening

AFC Urgent Care South Portland works with businesses of all sizes, from small businesses that require occasional screenings to larger corporations that may need more comprehensive testing on a monthly, quarterly or annual schedule.

Employee Drug Testing in South Portland & Portland, ME

If you are interested in setting up drug and/or alcohol testing for your business, contact AFC Urgent Care South Portland today! We will be able to work with your representatives to set up times for employee drug screens without putting your business at a standstill for the day. For questions about drug testing or other occupational health concerns, please call 207.358.3188.

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