How Do Urgent Care Centers Treat Viruses?

March 1, 2022

Urgent care centers provide fast, affordable medical treatment on your schedule When you are unable to visit your primary physician. Urgent care is a convenient solution and alternative to expensive and unnecessary emergency room visits. During the wintertime, doctors’ offices often see an increase in the number of patients who are experiencing symptoms of viral illness. How does an Urgent Care office treat patients with viruses?

A medical professional will need to evaluate patients and determine the cause of their viral illness. There are several viruses that could be responsible. Which virus is responsible will determine the appropriate course of treatment.

We explore the most common causes of viral illness, tips to prevent illness, and best courses of treatment.

Most Common Viruses

There are a wide range of viral illnesses that are commonly diagnosed at Urgent Care Centers in the winter months.  These viruses are easily transmitted from person-to-person if precautions are not taken.

The Most Common Viruses Include:

  • Common Cold
  • Influenza
  • Measles
  • HPV
  • Mumps
  • COVID-19

The most commonly diagnosed virus is influenza, or the flu. The flu has the potential to cause severe and debilitating symptoms. Every year thousands of patients are hospitalized and die from the flu

Symptoms of Viral Illness

There are a vast number of symptoms that patients with a viral illness may experience.

Symptoms May Include:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Sore Throat
  • Runny Nose
  • Moderate to Severe Body Aches

One difference that patients note about the flu is that symptoms usually occur suddenly, unlike other illnesses where symptoms are gradual. It is important to seek medical care anytime that you are not feeling well to get immediate attention.

Virus Treatment

Influenza can be treated if caught early in the illness progression. It is important to visit a medical professional as soon as symptoms begin. Urgent Care Centers can quickly diagnose influenza and prescribe antiviral medication that can lessen the severity of these symptoms to help patients get well faster.

Illness Prevention

Preventing viral illness is the most effective way to keep yourself and your family healthy. Urgent Care Centers offer patients flu vaccination. This is the most effective way to prevent contracting the flu or suffering from serious complications.

Patients should also practice good personal and hygiene habits, including avid handwashing and social distancing. It is also important to stay healthy by eating nutritionally rich foods, getting regular exercise, and plenty of rest.

Urgent Care Offers Prevention and Treatment Options

Your local Urgent Care Center is always open and available to help in the prevention and treatment of viral illnesses, including the flu, and COVID-19. Book an appointment or stop in today for a flu or COVID-19 vaccination, testing, and/or treatment.

Contact Urgent Care for more information about the illness prevention and treatment services available.

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