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Treating Cold Flu

Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic for Treating the Cold & Flu in Phoenixville, PA

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Cold & Flu Treatment at Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic in Phoenixville, PA

A common question that our medical staff gets asked year-round is what the difference between a cold and flu is. If you have had both a cold and flu at some point, you probably know the difference in how your body feels. Yet it is still very difficult for most people to figure out what the symptoms of both are and what the best way to treat a cold versus the flu is.

At AFC Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic Phoenixville PA, our trained physicians are familiar with recognizing cold and flu symptoms, and treating your minor emergency immediately and correctly. If you're looking for a great urgent care clinic near Phoenixville, PA for all of your minor emergencies, look no further! Our medical team wants you feeling your best. Just follow our tips on diagnosing and treating the cold or flu.

The flu generally lasts much longer than a cold, and is a more serious illness, sometimes leading to pneumonia or hospitalization. Cold symptoms can consist of a runny nose or sore throat for a few days, but then they gradually disappear as your health improves. For the flu however, symptoms come on much stronger and last longer. Sometimes that mild sore throat can lead to needing treatment for a strep throat or can be an upper respiratory infection.

While flu symptoms can be alleviated through medications, it may take a week or so of rest before your body is back to a healthy state. Not resting properly can lead to more severe problems, such as sinus infections or bronchitis.

If you or your loved ones are showing symptoms of either a cold or the flu, please call us today at AFC Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic Phoenixville, PA or walk in today for immediate and professional medical care. We are happy to tell you more about cold and flu symptoms, and hope to help you feel better as soon as possible!

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