Staying Healthy For The 2022 School Year Starts With A Back To School Physical

July 27, 2022

Back to school season really starts in August, not September. Some schools are beginning early this year, cutting down time with families and time to get your child what they need to be ready for the school year. But, as you might think it’s another school year and that they’ll get through it like they do every year, we think of it as another year of potential exposure to germs, colds, flu, sports injuries and other health concerns that your child may run into. 

Before you start shopping for back to school supplies and clothes, get your child a physical! A back to school physical gives your child a healthy advantage in the classroom. It reviews their medical history, vaccinations, their overall health and will help clear them to play sports this school year.

If you’re getting your child ready for the 2022 school year, you will want to start off with a back to school physical at AFC Urgent Care Norwalk.

Back To School Physicals Are The Foundation Of Your Child’s Growth And Development

Start your child’s school year on a healthy foot. There is an advantage to getting a physical before going back to school. You get to review your child’s medical record so that you and their doctor can plan ahead for the school year.

Are they planning on playing a fall sport? Will they need any prescriptions like inhalers to get them through the winter? These are all questions and considerations that will be covered in a comprehensive physical at AFC Urgent Care Norwalk.

So, don’t skip out on this doctor’s visit because they might also need to update a vaccine or two.

Missed A Previous Physical Or Vaccination? It’s Time To Get Back On Track

Everyone has a vaccine schedule. Specifically, children in elementary and teens in middle school and highschool should follow their recommended immunization schedule. 

The CDC lists the most common vaccinations a child has to get from ages 0-18. Here are the most frequently required immunizations from schools around the country: 

Incoming college Freshmen will need to consider vaccinations too!

Colleges also follow similar requirements to the list above. Vaccination requirements might slightly differ from college to college for incoming college Freshman who will be living in the dorms. If you don’t know what’s required for your child’s particular school we suggest that you look on the college’s website for Health Services where the requirements will usually be listed. If not, contact them directly. 

Last, but not least, COVID-19 vaccinations are still a requirement for most schools and colleges. Double check with your school’s health services department for more information.

I Heard That My Child Can Skip Their Back To School Physical If They Already Got A Sports Physical Over The Summer. Is This True?

In short. No.

A sports physical is only going to cover your little athlete's capability to participate in sports: their physical fitness such as their heart rate, weight, height, flexibility, posture, lungs, blood pressure, etc. and nothing else.

An annual back to physical on the other hand, is more comprehensive that looks into everything else unrelated to sports like lab work, testing, vaccinations and overall well-being. You can have both a sports physical and physical done in SAME visit. We highly recommend making the most out of your child’s doctor visit by requesting both.

AFC Urgent Care Norwalk Can Give Your Child A Healthy Advantage In The Classroom

Give your child, whether they be a 2nd grader or college student,  the confidence they need to stay healthy this 2022 school year with a back to school physical at AFC Urgent Care Norwalk. 

The truth is, August is going to be hectic for most primary care practices including your child’s doctor. Getting an appointment for your child to see their regular doctor for a routine checkup may not be feasible in the next few weeks. If you’re looking for a quick, convenient and reliable place to get your child a physical, come see us any day of the week.

AFC Urgent Care Norwalk  is open 7 days a week with extended hours on the weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm and we have weekend hours from 8 am to 5 pm. There is no appointment needed when walking into our center. You can also make an appointment online if you prefer. Just bring your school forms and any sports forms and we'll take care of the rest! We also accept most insurances.

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