Is Spring Allergy Season Near…Or Is It Already Here?

March 14, 2022

Is Spring Allergy Season Near…Or Is It Already Here? AFC Urgent Care Norwalk Is Spring Allergy Season Ready!

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year and for some it’s their favorite season. But it’s not everyone’s favorite time of the year because springtime is notorious for spring allergies! If you are prone to spring allergies, as spring approaches, you should definitely prepare for a whole lot of sniffling and sneezing because spring allergy season is already here!

Why? We had a warm winter with sporadic temperatures throughout the northeast,  causing our immune systems to become hypersensitive to allergy triggers. AFC Urgent Care Norwalk is here to help you alleviate your spring allergies with tips on how to prevent them.

ACHEW! Is There A Way To Alleviate My Allergies At-Home?

If you’re suffering from spring allergies,  there are plenty of ways to alleviate and manage symptoms. This can include:

  1. Limiting pollen exposure to limit spring allergies
  2. Taking medicine early to relieve spring allergies
  3. Rinsing your nasal passages regularly
  4. Spring cleaning for your spring allergies
  5. Natural remedies for spring allergies like vitamin C 

Should You Also Be Worried About COVID-19?

Symptoms of spring allergies and COVID-19 symptoms do overlap and may cause people to second guess when someone coughs or sneezes around them. We get it!

Here are some of the basic differences between spring allergies, and COVID-19 symptoms that you should be aware of:

  • Spring allergy symptoms include itchy, red watery eyes, runny nose, rapid sneezing, clear mucus, and sometimes even asthma symptoms.
  • COVID-19 has similar symptoms, but the major symptoms to look out for that differentiates COVID from allergies are shortness of breath, a dry cough,  fever and oftentimes loss of taste and smell. 

The good news is that we have been seeing a decrease in cases in the Norwalk area for COVID-19 in the last month. However, it is still very much a threat because the virus continues to mutate making new variants!  We ‘re not out of the woods just yet! If you tend to get spring allergies around this time of year, then chances are that itch in your nose is the start of just that, not COVID. 

That being said, If you want peace of mind, let’s rule out COVID. Visit us for a rapid molecular or rapid antigen COVID-19 test any day of the week to help rule out COVID. Just walk-in!

AFC Urgent Care Norwalk Can Help Treat Spring Allergies

Spring allergy season is already here! If you tried alleviating your allergies at home and still can’t find relief, AFC Urgent Care Norwalk can treat you for allergies. If your allergies are causing you to have asthma symptoms, we can also treat that as well.

No appointment is ever needed when visiting us. You can walk-in 7 days a week to be seen by one of our providers for quality AFC care! If you need rapid molecular or rapid antigen COVID-19 testing done, we can help with that too!

Always here for our friends and families in the Norwalk, New Canaan and Wilton communities.

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