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Pre-Employment Physicals and Employee Screening in New Mexico

Pre-Employment Physical

AFC locations in New Mexico Occupational employer's physical exam solutions are tailored to the specific needs of your workforce. They can include a range of medical tests, laboratory and blood tests, any vaccination, and other offerings. With this range of offerings, American Family Care is your one-stop exam, solution provider.

AFC physical exams include a detailed medical history review related to your job-specific requirements followed by a comprehensive physical examination.

Why do AFC locations in New Mexico recommend pre-employment physicals?

Often employers screen their new applicants by performing drug screens and or background checks. Why do you ask? In today's world, employers live by standards and ethics; employers want to ensure that they are hiring a good fit for the company — something beyond how the applicant may portray in person or on paper. Sometimes their Workers’ Compensation insurance requires it as part of their coverage terms.

In today's world, this is no longer a strange request and is something most employers expect. Think though for a minute if there was another way for you to screen an applicant. A method that would save money over the long term, cut down on occupational injuries, and ensure that you are hiring employees who can perform the job's duties. Wouldn't you also consider this?

Pre-employment physicals and physical ability tests focus on the employee's health, document existing injuries, and help to ensure they are physically able to perform the requirements of the job they will be doing. Employers who utilize these services find that they save time, money, and frustration during the hiring process while making the workplace safer and more productive.

Pre-employment physicals and physical ability tests help reduce liability by ensuring the employee can perform the job's requirements. For example, you hired Joe the other day. In his new position, he must lift 50 lbs. regularly and walk across the lot or up and down ladders often throughout a shift. While on paper he looks excellent for the job and says he can perform the job requirements with no problems, after all, what young person wouldn't be able to, right? After Joe completes his physical and physical abilities test, you learn that he cannot lift that much weight or is not recommended for the job due to health reasons. You just might have saved Joe from an injury and you from a workers Comp claim that could have been prevented.

For the employer, an employee in poor health often means loss of productivity, days missed, and an understaffed crew. This might be motivation for the employee in poor health to make healthier lifestyle changes.

American Family Care locations in New Mexico specialize in managing the administrative requirements of Occupational Health. We are on most MPN networks and understand the requirements of a drug-free workplace. We provide a personalized experience for both the employer and the employee.

Our focus is on working with you and the employee to determine the best plan of treatment and get the employee back to work as quickly as possible. Our Occupational Specialists will work with you to streamline the process for treatment, provide electronic feedback on your employee's status, provide direct follow-up with your employee, and record-keeping and appointment setup.

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