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Immigration Physicals in New Mexico | American Family Care

American Family Care is here to help all new immigrants arriving to the U.S, applying for citizenship, permanent residency, or a green card with immigration physicals at our local urgent care center!

New citizens and immigrants are required to get a physical from an U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) designated civil surgeon.

Attaining residency in the U.S isn’t exactly the easiest process for incoming immigrants. However, American Family Care helps to make the process a bit easier through our affordable and accessible immigration physicals for New Mexico immigrants!If you need a physical ASAP, please use the buttons to call us immediately or keep reading to learn more about the medical process itself.

What should I bring before my immigration physical?

Patients will need to provide a few important pieces of information and bring those in before they have their immigration physical. The items you will need to bring into our walk-in clinic includes:

  • Government-issued photo identification
  • Vaccination records
  • Payment options
  • Additional up-to-date medical records including medications and medical history

Please call one of our centers if you have any more questions about what to bring, as well as other requirements.

What should I expect in terms of medical evaluation during my immigration physical?

Immigration physicals at American Family Care evaluate a patient’s overall health, chronic conditions, and even specific patient-focused health concerns. A list of the medical conditions that our USCIS civil surgeons can evaluate includes:

General Routine examination: Patients will receive a through exam of their eyes, ears, nose, mouth, extremities, lungs, heart, and skin. This helps determine if a patient is at risk for any significant chronic diseases

Medical history review: Medical providers at American Family Care locations in New Mexico offer an in-depth medical review to determine other health risks, communicable diseases, and an general overview of a patient’s health.

Disease evaluation: USCIS civil surgeons also evaluate diseases, including syphilis and tuberculosis, with onsite blood tests.

What should patients do to streamline their immigration physicals?

At American Family Care locations in New Mexico, we ensure that our patients get the best possible care while also guiding them through the immigration process.

As new immigrants go through their medical evaluations, they will need to come back to our urgent care center to complete follow up tests. Make sure to follow the instructions our team provides and ask any questions you may have until your physical is completed.

It is never easy to kickoff an important, and timely, life event such as moving to the United States. To make the process a bit easier, allow American Family Care locations in New Mexico to assist you!

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