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Sports Physicals in New Mexico | School Physicals | Camp Physicals

Get a Physical Without the Wait

School, sports and camp physicals are often required to ensure participants are in good health. They’re usually straightforward exams that assess a patient’s overall health and wellness, but they often need to be booked well in advance. If you need a sports, school, or camp physical and have trouble getting into your doctor’s office anytime soon, why not visit American Family Care locations in New Mexico?

You’re welcome to make an appointment, or you can just walk in anytime. We strive to keep wait times to a minimum, so you can get the physical you need and get on with your day.

How Do I Prepare For A Physical?

A good way to prepare your child (or yourself) for a school, camp or sports physical at American Family Care locations in New Mexico are to make sure that your child is wearing comfortable clothes to move around as needed. You and your child should also be ready to answer questions about your family medical history and personal health history. It is important to provide a detailed family medical history so that you can give your child’s examiner a complete picture of their health.

It is important that you mention any previous injuries or conditions, including when the injuries occurred, what treatments your child underwent and which physician cared for your child. Your child should also be encouraged to be honest when giving their answers to questions during the exam. If athletes are scared they may not be cleared to play, they might be untruthful about their health and put themselves at risk of injury.

What Is A Sports Physical?

A sports physical at American Family Care locations in New Mexico helps determine whether or not a child (or adult) can physically participate in a sport safely. Additionally, anyone starting a new exercise routine or sport should always first discuss it with a healthcare professional, and sports physicals offer an easy way to do so.

It’s important to note that a sports physical does not take the place of a regular annual checkup or physical. While a sports physical does typically cover much of what happens during an annual physical or exam, it’s still important to schedule a separate annual checkup for your child to monitor milestones and address other areas not covered in a sports physical.

What Is Done At A Sports Physical?

The physical examination at American Family Care locations in New Mexico are similar to an annual checkup but with some added things related to playing sports. The provider will focus on the health of your lungs, heart, bones, and joints.

Your provider may:

  • Measure your height and weight
  • Measure your blood pressure and pulse
  • Test your vision
  • Check your heart, lungs, belly, ears, nose, and throat
  • Check your joints, strength, flexibility, and posture

Your provider may ask about:

  • Your diet
  • Your use of drugs, alcohol, and supplements
  • Your menstrual periods if you’re a girl or woman

If your child requires a school, camp or sports physical, come to American Family Care locations in New Mexico today! We are experienced in these types of physicals and can help you ad your child get where you are going! Contact our office today to book an appointment or walk-in today.

What Happens If The Physical Reveals A Problem?

If your provider notices something that needs a closer look during your physical, he will help you take the next steps. We might order labs or prescribe medication. However, because our labs and pharmacy services are all in-house, you’re able to get speedier results.

We’re capable of handling:

  • X-rays
  • Blood tests
  • STD screenings
  • Pre-operation bloodwork

All these services are performed right at our locations, typically without a need for a follow-up visit.

American Family Care FAQs About School And Sports Physicals

Do You Provide Other Services To Meet School And Sports Requirements?

Yes! American Family Care locations in New Mexico offers a wide range of preventive services, including vaccinations. And if you or a family member is hurt playing sports, our urgent care service is unrivaled.

How Long Will My School or Sports Physical Take?

We work hard to keep wait times to a minimum, and many people can be in and out of our clinics within 30 minutes.

What Do School and Sports Physicals Screen For?

Our providers take a look at what they can see externally, as well as in your ears, nose, and mouth, to make sure everything looks normal. They might feel for lumps and to make sure your organs aren’t swollen. Physicals are a great way to assess your general health.

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