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Tick Bites and Lyme Disease

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Tick Removal and Lyme Disease Testing in New Mexico | American Family Care

Fast and safe tick removal and treatment in New Mexico

American Family Care locations in New Mexico provide quick and easy on-site tick removal, treatment, and assessment.

Ticks are parasitic bugs that often carry diseases, most notably Lyme Disease, which can have long-term health consequences. Ticks are most common during summer months, but can be active all year if the weather is mild.

A tick needs about a day and a half to transmit disease, so performing daily checks for ticks is your best defense against disease.

Find your location now or walk right in if you need a tick removed at an urgent care near you!

How to Remove a Tick

If you find a tick quickly, you can usually remove it simply by gently lifting it with a clean pair of tweezers. Pull slowly so as to not not pull the body off the tick’s mouth parts, which could remain stuck in your skin.

Keep in mind you should never crush a tick with your fingers, as this can puncture your skin and expose you to the pathogens the tick carries. Instead, if you need to dispose of a tick, you can rely on suffocating it in a plastic bag, jar, burning it, or placing it in alcohol.

How to Avoid Tick Bites

The main way to avoid tick bites is by understanding where ticks live and how to deter them. Following these steps is your best bet for preventing tick bites

Know Where Ticks Live

Ticks live in areas such as forests, brushy areas, and in grass. They even live on some animals. Be mindful of the time you spend in areas like this that expose you to ticks, and be extra vigilant for ticks.

Dress to Protect Yourself

When hiking or camping, tuck your pant legs into your socks to prevent ticks from easily entering low to the ground. Use permethrin or an EPA-approved insect repellent containing DEET to prevent deter ticks. If you’re going on a camping trip, you can treat your clothes with permethrin ahead of time.

Get Urgent Care Tick Removal Near You

If a tick has engorged or fed itself on your blood, you may need medical treatment for post-exposure prophylaxis for Lyme disease. American Family Care locations in New Mexico are state-of-the-art medical centers with compassionate staff and top-notch equipment. With deep expertise, you can count on American Family Care to help remove ticks and assess any bites quickly and effectively. Find your location online today!

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