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Sports Physicals

Sports and School Physical Exams Q and A

AFC Urgent Care, located at 5925 Lakewood Ranch Boulevard Bradenton, Florida 34211, is open 8AM-8PM Monday to Friday and 8AM-5PM Saturday and Sunday. Our doctors and medical professionals provide school and sports physical examinations for participation in athletics and activities. Call us for more information. Serving patients from Bradenton FL, Samoset FL, Ellenton FL, Oneco FL, Whitfield FL, Sarasota FL and West Bradenton FL.

Sports and School Physical Exams Q and A
Sports and School Physical Exams Q and A

It’s common for kids and adults to need a physical exam for school or to join a sports team. We provide these physicals here at AFC Urgent Care Bradenton, and you can just walk right in for a physical, no problem. We can see patients of any age, so you can bring in your child for any kind of physical. Come see us today for a quick, convenient sports or school physical exam in Bradenton, FL!

Where can I get a physical fast?

You certainly could go to your primary care physician for a physical. The better option, by far, is urgent care! At an urgent care clinic like ours, one of the physicians can give you a physical. You won’t have to wait long either as the wait time at urgent care is very low. Just come on by, walk right in, and ask our staff for any kind of physical, then shortly after, you’ll be seeing a physician! Anyone of any age can get a physical at urgent care.

Does urgent care do sport physicals? Does urgent care do school physicals?

Urgent care does annual physicals, work physicals, sports physicals, school physicals, and more. The physicians at urgent care are fully qualified and fully capable of performing physicals, and can do so on a walk-in basis. This means that if you’re joining a sports team right away and you need a sports physical even today, you can get one at urgent care. Or if your child is at school or attending a new school and needs a physical right away, urgent care can accommodate you.

There’s another big advantage of going to urgent care for a physical: it’s really affordable for many patients or their parents. Call us here at AFC Urgent Care Bradenton if you’d like to learn more about the physical exams we provide and their costs.

What happens during a sport or school physical?

These two types of physicals are pretty similar to each other and standard physical exams, but there are some differences. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect during a sports or school physical with us at AFC Urgent Care Bradenton. We’ll check:

  • Vital signs (heart rate, weight, and blood pressure)
  • General health (eye, ear, nose, heart, lung, and skin health)
  • Speech and motor functions
  • Family health history and personal health history for any recurring health issues or risks
  • Vaccination history and suggest any important vaccinations
  • With a sports physical, we’ll also check physical strength, reflexes, and agility
  • With a school physical for a child, we’ll also check the child’s level of development (emotional and social development, etc.)

Do you offer sports and school physical exams in Bradenton, FL?

Yes, we do! AFC Urgent Care Bradenton offers sports and school physicals over at 5925 Lakewood Ranch Boulevard Bradenton, Florida 34211. You can come visit us or bring in your child today, or you can call our clinic at (727) 201-8585 to ask us anything you need an answer to. We’re available to you and your loved ones 7 days a week!

There’s no need to wait if you need a physical right away, even today. Come by our clinic for your quick, convenient physical!

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