AFC Urgent Care of Cleveland, TN brings a new level of healthcare to employers with a unique one stop shop for all occupational and workers comp needs. AFC Urgent Care brings a faster, more convenient and economical choice to employers and employees, allowing more time to focus on operations.

At AFC we cater to your company’s diversified needs, and are able to provide top quality healthcare in efficient timeframes. Our providers take conservative measures to employee ailments and seek first aid solutions as often as possible. Upon a recordable employee injury/ailment, AFC medical providers meticulously evaluate causation to ensure accuracy of reporting.

The average visit to an urgent care center cost less than $150, while an ER visit averages $1354, according to Medical Expenditure 2019. Our network of AFC Urgent Care clinics are here to serve you 8am-8pm Monday through Friday and 8am-5pm on weekends with no appointment necessary.

Our Team of Nationally Registered DOT Physicians are ready to assist you.

Employee health impacts your most valuable asset, the people on your team, which in turn affects business productivity and profitability. When sick employees can’t access their primary care physicians, too many turn to hospital emergency departments. In such cases, patient, insurance and employer costs skyrocket. (

As a business leader you’ve got enough to worry about, you need an occupational health partner that delivers. AFC Urgent Care of Cleveland, TN has robust expertise in providing companies with customized needs along with a network of local specialists, when necessary, to work hand in hand to bring each patient the exact care he/she needs.

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