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COVID-19 Testing in Centennial, CO at AFC Urgent Care

Now Offering COVID-19 Testing & Antibody Testing

This page is only for COVID-19 Testing & Antibody Testing at the AFC Urgent Care Centennial, CO clinic located in Colorado. If you do not reside in, or near, Centennial, CO Colorado, please click here to find the closest AFC clinic to you to confirm if they offer COVID testing.

If you are experiencing any upper respiratory symptoms such as cough/cold, runny nose, fever, shortness of breath please come in today for a full evaluation from one of our providers on staff.

We know that the anxiety surrounding COVID-19 right now is real. Let us put your mind at ease with a diagnostic test! We are open and here for the community during this time.

About Our COVID-19 Antibody Test

This serology blood test identifies the presence of antibodies that indicate that a person had an immune response to COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2). A positive result to this antibody (IgG) test indicates that you may have had previous exposure to COVID-19 and your body has developed antibodies.

Although It may take up to 14 days after the onset of symptoms for antibodies to be developed within the body, 91% of people develop such antibodies within the first 8-13 days. Some people infected with COVID-19 will never exhibit symptoms but will have a detectable antibody response. While there is belief that the presence of antibodies may provide immunity to future infections, there is not yet enough data to state this conclusively.

This is an antibody test used to detect the presence of antibodies indicating a immune system response to a past COVID-19 infection, not to diagnose active infections.

Please REGISTER HERE prior to coming into the clinic so that we can keep all of our patients and staff safe.

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