Why Shoveling Is More Dangerous Than You Might Think

February 7, 2024

Although spring is just around the corner, winter weather is still a threat. In some areas, it’s not uncommon for heavy snow to continue through the month of March. Because of this, it is important to practice good judgment when it comes to moving snow. Shoveling can easily lead to injury, however, over-exerting yourself while shoveling can quickly lead to disaster. Learn about the risks of shoveling and tips for staying safe this winter. Visit AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock for same-day injury and illness care in Castle Rock, CO.

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Risks Associated With Shoveling

Snowfall brings festive weather, an opportunity to relax, and hours of entertainment for the kids. However, if you have a driveway or walkway leading up to your home, winter weather can bring a plethora of risks with it. Ensuring that your walkways are clear after snow is important to prevent fall injuries. However, shoveling brings its own risks.

While shoveling will help create safer conditions, it can also lead to disaster. It is easy to exhaust yourself while shoveling and not realize it due to the cold weather. This makes conditions such as heart attacks due to shoveling an unfortunate reality for many. Other injuries while shoveling can include back injuries from heavy lifting along with muscle strains and even broken bones. Falling while shoveling is also a very real possibility in bad weather.

Where to get Rapid Injury Care Near Castle Rock, CO

If you’re someone who regularly shovels during the winter, knowing how to identify injuries and when to seek urgent care is vital. Delaying care for an injury can cause further damage to occur. If you suspect you have suffered an injury, seeking medical evaluation and diagnostic testing can help you identify the extent of your injury and treat it accordingly to promote a quick recovery.

The emergency room can have multiple hour-long wait times and be expensive. AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock offers a fast and convenient alternative to the emergency room for non-life-threatening injuries. If you live near Castle Rock, CO, AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock is here to help. Simply walk into the clinic for same-day injury care.

How to Avoid Injuries From Shoveling This Winter

Shoveling is a necessary task for many, however, there are some ways that you can lessen your risk for serious injury or even a heart attack while shoveling this winter.

Tips for staying safe while shoveling this winter include:

  • Know your limits and when to call it quits
  • Take breaks often so that you don’t overdo it
  • Don’t lift more than you’re capable of just to get the job done
  • Use a quality shovel that balances the load well
  • Dress appropriately for the weather and activity level
  • Take precautionary measures such as laying down salt before snow

Visit AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock for Same-Day Injury Care in Castle Rock, CO

Shoveling is an important task to maintain safe walking and driving conditions throughout the winter. It does bring serious risks though. If you have suffered an injury from shoveling, it is important to seek medical care quickly to prevent further damage and ensure a proper recovery. At AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock, we offer same-day injury diagnosis and treatment on a walk-in basis. Walk in today, or pre-register your visit online.

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Our clinic is equipped with digital X-rays on-site. This allows our board-certified medical staff to get a detailed look at your injury and provide an accurate diagnosis at the time of your visit. We accept most major medical insurance plans and offer affordable care options. Walk in today. For additional information regarding our clinic, please contact us directly by calling 303-660-9700.

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