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UTI Treatment

UTI Treatment at AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock

UTI Treatment in Castle Rock, CO

Urinary tract infections occur in any part of the urinary system- this includes the kidneys, ureters, bladder, or urethra. Most UTIs occur in either the bladder or the urethra. When bacteria enter the body through the urethra, they can begin to multiply in the bladder, which is what causes UTIs.

You may believe that only women can get UTIs. While it is more common due to the female anatomy, UTIs can also happen to men. AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock is here to provide treatment for any patient against UTIs. The symptoms can become painful, so you want to receive treatment as soon as possible. Visit us any day of the week for UTI treatment and other urgent care services.

Symptoms of a UTI near Sedalia, CO

It's possible to not experience any symptoms while having a UTI. Others may experience some or all of the following:

  • Strong urge to urinate, but only actually urinating in small amounts
  • A burning sensation while urinating
  • Cloudy, pink, or reddish-colored urine
  • Strong smelling urine.

These are all symptoms of a typical UTI. If the infection spreads to your kidneys or is only in the kidneys, patients may also experience:

  • Upper back pain
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

In order to properly diagnose a UTI, a sample of urine must be taken and tested.

Treating a UTI near Franktown, CO

Since UTIs are caused by bacteria, the best form of treatment is antibiotics. You should begin taking the antibiotics as soon as possible, and it’s critical to finish your entire prescription. If not, you run the risk of the UTI coming back stronger and being resistant to treatment.

If you leave a UTI untreated, complications may occur. This can include recurrent UTIs, sepsis, or permanent kidney damage.

Receive Treatment for a UTI at AFC Castle Rock today!

AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock is open every day for urgent care services! Don’t wait for a doctor's appointment, or spend hours in the emergency room. Visit AFC Castle Rock Monday through Sunday for high-quality healthcare. Call now for more information at (303) 660-9700.

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