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Sports And Camp Physicals

Sports & Camp Physicals

School, Sports & Camp Physicals

Each year more than 38 million children and teenagers participate in organized sports at school or in the community. By law, children are required to have an updated sport or camp physical each year before they can participate in certain activities.

However, a sport and camp physical also helps to protect your child and make sure their recreational programs are safe. But where can parents get affordable and convenient physicals for their children?

That is why AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock is committed to providing urgent care for your child as well as preventive sport and camp physicals! A pre-participation exam (PPE) measures a child’s present fitness level, evaluate any existing injuries, and detect conditions that may predispose them to new injury.

How do Sport and Camp Physicals protect my child?

During the PPE, height, weight, blood pressure and heart rate will be measured. Then after collecting a thorough medical history, our provider will evaluate heart, lungs, abdomen, nose, ears, throat, posture, strength, and flexibility. Additionally, the exam also takes into account other conditions such as asthma, allergies, and respiratory conditions that impact physical activity.

The information collected from the PPE is then used by coaches, athletic personnel, and your child’s school/athletic program to ensure your can safely participate in school sports.

Where can I find AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock to get my child a sports physical?

At AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock, we provide your child updated sport and camp physical while also treating everything from chest colds and sore throats to sprains and fractures, and cuts and abrasions.

To help diagnose any other medical conditions at our facility we have state-of-the-art lab and x-ray on-site to help determine any additional medical needs your child has. And patient’s won’t have to worry about the cost since we accept most major insurances and offer affordable self-pay rates.

If you need help finding our urgent care center and walk-in clinic, please use the map below or call us directly!

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