What do I need an x-ray for?

April 26, 2022

X-ray is short for x-radiation. It is an imaging test that involves the emission of electromagnetic waves on the skin to help reveal the image of the structures inside the body, usually the bones.

The beams of x-ray pass through your body, and they are absorbed in different amounts, depending on the density of material they pass through. To better understand an x-ray image, dense materials such as the bones appear as white. The air in your lungs which is low in density appears as black. And the fats and muscles appear as gray.

Are you asking yourself, what do I need to look into my body for anyway? An x-ray is done to examine different parts of the body, usually for diagnostic purposes. It is required when the issue with the body is internal. X-rays are helpful in determining the extent of internal injuries of the limbs and other parts of the body.

If you experience a sudden injury that you can’t diagnose visibility then it may be

time for an x-ray. Here are the types of injuries you may need an x-ray for:

●     Broken bones

This is the most common reason x-rays are done. A broken bone also referred to as a fracture, can occur in different parts of the body and not just the leg or harm. Not all types of broken bones require a cast to be put upon, this is why you need an x-ray to help determine the right treatment for your injury.

●     Other bone conditions

There are several bone conditions that can leave your doctor guessing. Examples of such conditions include arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. These conditions can have similar symptoms, your doctor will need to conduct an x-ray to make a proper diagnosis. Your doctor will also be able to tell the extent of damage that has occurred.

●     Joint injuries

You'll also need an x-ray if you have a joint injury. Whether it be on your ankle, wrist, shoulder or anywhere else. Your doctor may need to conduct an x-ray to determine the severity of the injury, whether there are any broken bones or if the joint has fallen out of place, this is known as joint dislocation. This will help determine the treatment.

●     Infection

X-rays can be used to inspect for infections in different parts of the body. Usually in bones and teeth. Dentists can check for cavities in teeth using x-ray.

●     Cancers

X-ray is also used to diagnose certain types of cancer, such as lung cancer, bone cancer, or breast cancer. The x-ray can help determine the extent of the cancer. In the image, healthy bones appear as white while the damaged or unhealthy areas appear in darker shades.


X-ray should only be done in a hospital, by a professional medical doctor. If you think you might have any internal injury or health issue, visit an urgent care center today to ensure that x-rays are completed in an efficient and effective manner.

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