How To Prevent Workplace Injuries

May 10, 2022

Even though the COVID pandemic still lingers, there remains a need to prevent workplace injuries for employers and employees alike. This is because businesses and offices are re-opening so it would be helpful to provide resources, training, and establish COVID protocols and well as injury protocols to avoid accidents in the workplace. Here are some key protocols to prevent workplace injuries.

1.Effect an accident prevention and wellness program in the workplace

This is the foundation for safety in the work environment. An accident prevention and wellness program educates employees on safety and health around the work environment. The program also includes sections that encourage workers to immediately call the attention of the authorities to any dangerous or harmful substance and/or practices within the workplace environment. With a well-structured wellness and accident prevention program, the foundation is strongly grounded.

2.Conduct a physical screening test for incoming and old employees

For an office that makes use of various types of machinery and different equipment, it is recommended to take time out to screen new employees on the usage of these types of machinery. Old employees can be trained on how to use them properly along with safety precautions to take note of. This can help to curb future accidents to the nearest minimum.

3.Provide Protection Equipment

Though there is already accident-prevention education for your staff, it is still advisable to provide them with safety protection equipment. The kind of materials you would need depend on the kind of workplace environment you work with. While some offices would require helmets, ear muffs, and safety shoes, others might need protection glasses and gloves.

4.Keep the workplace orderly

A congested work environment is more prone to accidents than one that is not. Encourage your staff to keep their surroundings tidy and free from displaced objects. The floor should be rid of loose bolts, or spilled water/oil. Have a cleaner tidy up the place every hour and keep walk paths free from congestion.

5.Conduct regular checkups on pieces of machinery and company properties

Machines wear off with constant use and the more they wear off, the more they are prone to accidents. Therefore do a regular checkup on the condition of all office equipment. For vehicles, have the drivers submit a weekly or daily report on the car stats to avoid any sudden surprises.

6.Preach against shortcuts

Many people try to skip a step for a quicker result. Preach against this at all times. Trying to skip a step can be risky and reckless. It can also harm other workers in the office. Therefore, instead of quick results, push for more efficiency and quality.

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Though protocols are put in place to avoid accidents it is not a surprise that accidents can still happen. This is because some mistakes cannot be forecasted and controlled. But in the case that an employee is sick or needs same-day injury treatment, visit an urgent care center immediately.

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