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September 14, 2022

Why Does My Child Need a Sports Physical?

September is a busy time for the families of Boulder! The to-do list is filled with back-to-school tasks– such as buying school supplies and organizing your child’s after school activities. If your child is playing a sport this fall, it’s time to start thinking about scheduling their sports physical, also known as a Preparticipation Physical Exam (PPE). Most schools and sports leagues require these physicals prior to your child being able to participate in sports as a way to keep the community healthy and safe.

The entire sports physical is commonly made up of two parts– a medical history review and a physical exam. Both are important in keeping your child safe as they start competing in their sport. At AFC Urgent Care Boulder, we encourage you to walk-in to get your child’s sports physical today, and learn more about how they can improve their health and wellness this fall season.

A simple check-in can make all the difference

Sports physicals test if your child is fit for upcoming physical activity. The exam helps ensure your kid stays happy and healthy through the season, because when we feel our best we perform our best. Getting a PPE is particularly important if your child has suffered an injury in the past– such as a sprain, broken bone, or concussion. Making sure your child is fully healed, both physically and mentally, is very important in preventing any future injuries and illnesses.

Sports physicals can make all the difference in having a successful season and avoiding any performance accidents. Avoid the hassle of scheduling an appointment with your primary care doctor to get the physical done and walk-in to AFC Urgent Care Boulder for your student’s PPE at your convenience.

What happens during a sports physical?

A school physical guarantees that your child is healthy enough to participate in sports. A physical begins with a standard checkup to monitor your child’s vital signs and overall well-being. Students participating in school or community athletic programs can have their sports physically done efficiently at AFC Urgent Care in Boulder, CO. The following take place during the exam:

  • Measuring height, weight and BMI
  • Checking vision, hearing and blood pressure
  • Examination of ears, nose and throat
  • Examination of the spine for scoliosis
  • Check flexibility, strength, joints, and posture
  • Review of medical and vaccination history
  • Updating any vaccinations that are out-of-date (this will require an additional charge for each immunization)
  • Necessary blood work if applicable

If any conditions, illnesses and injuries are detected that could affect your child’s ability to participate in sports, we will provide treatment or refer you for specialized care to get your child on the right path to health and safety this school season.

Sports Physicals at AFC Urgent Care Boulder

If your child requires a sports physical, AFC Urgent Care Boulder is there. Our clinic specializes in children’s urgent care, and is open every day of the week– making physicals and other treatment accessible when you need it. Your child will receive high-quality treatment from our team of licensed board-certified medical professionals. Visit our urgent care center with no appointment necessary. Call now for more information at (720) 961-9700.

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