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Tick Bite and Lyme Treatment

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Tick Bite and Lyme Treatment

Tick Bite and Lyme Treatment at AFC Urgent Care Boulder

Tick Removal and Lyme Disease Testing in Boulder, CO

If you spend a lot of time outdoors when the weather is nice, you’re more than likely to come in contact with ticks. These pesky insects like to feed on warm-blooded hosts, and once they bite you, they can spread germs throughout your body. The good news is that not all ticks carry diseases, and the germs can only spread if you’re bitten.

AFC Urgent Care Boulder provides tick removal and testing for Lyme disease. Lyme is the most common disease carried by ticks. It can cause severe fatigue and other uncomfortable symptoms if left untreated. Patients can get tested for Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases right at AFC Boulder. Visit our walk-in center for all urgent care services today!

Tick Removal and Treatment near Valmont, CO

When ticks bite your skin, they will burrow their heads as deep into your skin as they can. This makes the process of removing a tick difficult. If you’ve never been bit by a tick, you may want to get it removed by a professional. Removing a tick requires grabbing the tick by its head with tweezers and sharply pulling upward. If you grab the tick by its body, the head can be left in the skin, meaning you’re still at risk of contracting a disease.

As soon as you notice a tick has bitten you, it’s important to remove it. The longer it’s left in your skin, the more likely you are to get a tick-borne disease. Be sure to check yourself thoroughly after returning indoors.

Lyme Disease Testing and Treatment near Seven Hills, CO

Lyme disease can be tested at AFC Boulder, and your results will be available within a few days. To test for Lyme, a blood test will be conducted and analyzed in our on-site lab. The blood test will look for any antibodies fighting against the bacteria that causes Lyme.

If you do test positive for Lyme, you may experience initial symptoms. This can include fatigue, fever, headache, and a red rash in the shape of a bullseye. The treatment for Lyme consists of a series of antibiotics. Since it’s caused by bacteria, this is the best course of action to prevent symptoms from developing.

In some cases, symptoms will develop anyway. This is considered chronic Lyme disease, and symptoms can be draining. There is no telling who will develop chronic Lyme disease, but it can happen anywhere between 5% to 20% of cases.

Receive Tick Bite and Lyme Disease Treatment at AFC Boulder

No one wants to suffer from Lyme disease symptoms, and the only way to prevent further complications is by getting tested and receiving treatment. The providers at AFC Boulder are board-certified, so they can confidently and accurately diagnose and treat patients.

Our center is open seven days a week, so you can visit us for weekend tick removal and Lyme testing. We never require appointments for urgent care symptoms, so patients don’t need to worry about waiting. Visit AFC Boulder today or call now for more information at (720) 961-9700.

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