Can My Child Go To School with a Cough?

May 24, 2022

It’s not easy to figure out if your child is well enough to go to school. At times, it’s a tough decision to choose between your child’s wellness and their academic progress because you surely don’t want them to miss out on lessons and educational activities. At the same time, you can’t ignore how lethargic they feel.

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Vomiting or Diarrhea

If your child is vomiting or suffering from diarrhea, it is a sensible decision not to let them go to school because school activities can tire them out even further. Not to mention, it will be difficult for the school staff to handle them when they’re dealing with continuous vomiting and diarrhea.

Diarrhea and vomiting can be very severe depending on causes such as food poisoning, viruses, infections, bacteria, and certain medications.


Normally fever is considered when the body temperature passes the 100 degrees Fahrenheit mark. However, it is still not suitable to send your child to school even if they have this temperature because they might be carrying an infection, and the fever is most likely to increase soon.

Fevers are mostly caused by many reasons, such as hormonal disorders, environmental factors, inflammatory conditions, and infections. So, you really should not put others at risk of catching the infection that your child is carrying.

Prolonged Cough

Coughing, no matter how normal it may seem, can create very serious health issues if not taken seriously. Your child should not go to school if they have a cough because, while coughing itself is not contagious, it causes germs to spread through the air.

Also, prolonged coughing can indicate and lead to many other medical problems as well, such as bronchitis, asthma, allergies, or lung disease.

Chronic pain

Pain is a normal thing to affect anybody, but if the pain is persistent, you should not send your child to school because chronic pains can be of many kinds and have lasting effects. Joint pain, neck pain, back pain, and headaches, such as migraine and muscle pain, are all causes of concern and should be treated immediately.


In light of the above-mentioned medical symptoms and their long due effects, it is better to let your child rest for a day or two for them to recover from such illnesses. This is a better approach than sending them to school, which may worsen their medical condition.

Also, if you send your child to school, they will interact with a lot more people, especially kids who have weak immune systems. Consequently, your child’s classmates and teachers will be likely to get sick if he’s constantly coughing.


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