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AFC Beverly Occupational COVID-19 Testing

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Occupational COVID-19 Testing in Beverly at AFC Urgent Care

COVID-19 Testing for Your Business at your site

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Call us today and find out how we can test your employees at your location and ensure that your workplace remains safe/clean. Whether it is an office or retail environment, testing is the key to minimizing liability and ensuring a healthy workforce!

AFC  Urgent  Care Beverly is offering regular occupational COVID-19 tests for your employees using both COVID-19 swab and antibody testing. Our occupational testing services allow employers to safely transition their employees back into a working environment.  We can conduct periodic testing at your location or our clinics (Beverly and Swampscott). With a large cache of testing kits & PPE we are ready to support your business 24/7.
Our virological surveillance is designed to create the safest possible environment to benefit employee health, improve employees morale, and to support a stable work environment for all workers.  If you have any other questions about our occupational health services, or COVID-19 safety protocols and antibody testing, please contact our urgent care center immediately. 

Occupational Medicine and COVID-19 Prevention


AFC Urgent Care Beverly is here to provide occupational medicine needs for employees and health programs in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in your workplaces. 

As essential workers continue to operate, the broader population is returning to work, which means that the risk of spreading COVID-19 infection will increase. Since social distancing is diminished among the general public, spikes in COVID-19 are very possible without proper health programming and safeguards. The objective of active surveillance testing, occupational medicine, and routine health screenings within corporate environments is to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among your employees. 

Occupational Medicine Services for COVID-19

AFC Urgent Care Beverly provides occupational medicine and employer health services for a variety of needs. Seasonal illness prevention, injury treatment, and worker’s compensation are a few services that are available to employers. 

We conduct the following tests, both onsite and at our clinics:

  • IgG/Serological (Blood Draw)– these tests detect the presence of COVID-19 IgG antibodies in the blood. These antibodies typically form between 10-14 days after infection. They are a great tool to determine which employees have already been exposed to the virus. It is not known at this time if having antibodies for COVID means you are immune, although this is generally how antibodies function for other diseases. IgG antibodies last for a long time after infection. Results are typically available the next day.
  • PCR Swab (Nasal/Throat Swab)– these tests detect the presence of active COVID-19 viral infection. This is what should be used if you suspect members of your team have been exposed to active or positive cases. PCR tests are most accurate several days after initial infection. Results are typically available within 12-36 hours

Our team will go to your place of work with full personal protective equipment (PPE) to administer services. Employers can customize their employee health procedures to fit their needs and ensure that all employees are healthy and safe. 

We have conducted onsite testing for many companies and towns in the North Shore area, including 100 PCR tests for the Town of Hamilton on less than 24 hours notice. Our team is ready and available to help!

Our team will go to your place of work with full personal protective equipment (PPE) to administer services. Employers can customize their employee health procedures to fit their needs and ensure that all employees are healthy and safe. 

AFC Urgent Care Beverly is here to ensure that you are as safe as possible in a stable, COVID-19 free work environment without the need for an emergency closure. As the community begins to re-open, businesses can stay a step ahead with our COVID-19 occupational health services. 

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