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Strep Throat Treatment

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Strep Throat Treatment

Beverly Strep Throat Treatment at AFC Urgent Care

Strep throat is a bacterial infection that can give you similar symptoms similar to a common cold: sore throats, fever, coughing, etc. While strep throat is a common illness, especially among children, it can become complicated if being left untreated properly.

Difference between strep throat and sore throat

A sore throat is usually a minor irritate feeling in your throat that goes away on its own after a few days. Strep throat is caused by bacteria and could be much more serious and painful.

Symptoms of strep throat

Strep throat can cause very high fever and swollen lymph nodes. The tonsils can also have white or red patches.

Strep throat treatment

After a patient is diagnosed with strep throat, they would be given antibiotics to treat the bacterial infection.

AFC Urgent Care Beverly is open 7 days a week, during extended hours. We offer strep throat treatment provided by our certified and well-trained providers and make sure you have a thorough treatment. Feel free to call our office at 978.922.2171.

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