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Tick Bite and Lyme Treatment

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Tick Bite and Lyme Treatment

Tick Bite and Lyme Disease Testing at AFC Urgent Care Agoura Hills

Tick Removal and Lyme Testing in Agoura Hills

Ticks are everywhere. Some of these pesky insects even carry around diseases that can cause serious symptoms in humans if left untreated. If you have ever been bit by a tick, you know how difficult it can be to completely remove the head from inside the skin. Lyme disease can also become extremely debilitating if left untreated.

AFC Urgent Care Agoura Hills provides tick removal right in our center. Patients don’t need to struggle at home or wonder if they have gotten the entire tick on the first try. Our medical providers can remove the tick with ease and test you for Lyme disease. If you have been bit by a tick, it’s crucial to get tested for Lyme disease in a timely manner. Our urgent care center has on-site lab services for our patient’s convenience.

Tick Removal near Agoura Hills

If you have never been bit by a tick before, you’ve likely never needed to remove one. They can be pesky insects and can require some technique to be removed properly. AFC Urgent Care Agoura Hills can remove the tick in one go if you don’t want to do it at home.

If you are going to try and remove the tick at home, be sure to grab it by the head. Ticks dig their heads deep into the skin and latch on. If you only grab by the body, the head will get stuck, and it will become even harder to remove. Be sure to use clean tweezers and pull up with steady pressure.

Once the tick is removed, be sure to clean the skin with rubbing alcohol. Some patients will keep the tick in a jar to be tested for Lyme disease since the results may not be positive at first.

Testing for Lyme Disease near Agoura Hills

Millions of Americans are tested for Lyme disease each year. As mentioned previously, your results may not be positive at first, so your doctor may recommend returning after a week or so to be tested again. It’s important to get tested and treated for Lyme disease as soon as possible because untreated symptoms can be painful and debilitating.

Early symptoms of Lyme disease include headache, chills, body aches, fatigue and fever. Most patients also experience a red rash that resembles a bullseye near the site of the bite. /p>

Receive Tick Bite & Lyme Treatment at AFC Agoura Hills

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