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Sports Injuries Treatment

Sports Injury Treatment in Agoura Hills, CA

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As an athlete, you are constantly putting strain on your body and injury is always a risk. Whether you are simply going out for a run or practicing for a big game, injuries can happen at any time. From simple bumps and bruises to muscle sprains and tears and even bone fractures. You may not be able to get an appointment at your primary care office, but did you know that you had an alternative to visiting the emergency room?

By visiting AFC Urgent Care Agoura Hills with your sporting injury, you will be able to have it x-rayed and treated in less time and for a fraction of the cost. AFC Urgent Care Agoura Hills accept walk-in patients seven days a week and can treat most sports injuries in a single visit.

Sports Injury Treatment near Agoura Hills

With an on-site digital x-ray department, AFC Urgent Care Agoura Hills will be able to fully diagnose your injury, rather than just the main cause.

With digital x-rays, your physician will be able to zoom in and out to get even the smallest cracks and tears, preventing long-term chronic pain issues.

We strive to get you back on the field as soon as possible.

Injuries Treated near Agoura Hills

Injuries we provide treatment for include:

Sports Injury Diagnosis & Treatment in Agoura Hills, CA

If you sustained an injury on the field, in practice or on a run, visit AFC Urgent Care Agoura Hills today for immediate assessment and treatment.

Most major insurance plans are accepted, with low rates for self-paying patients available.

For questions, please call (818) 483-0775.

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