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Awards in Yorktown Heights at AFC Urgent Care


Yorktown Heights, NY (April 22, 2019) – American Family Care (AFC) of Yorktown, the area’s leading provider of urgent care and occupational medicine, is excited to celebrate the honor bestowed upon our Medical Director, Rajesh Gupta, MD, as he was named National Medical Director of the Year.

This past week, American Family Care held its annual conference in Nashville, TN where Founder and CEO Bruce Irwin, MD presented Dr. Gupta with the 2019 Medical Director of the Year award; beating out dozens of other applicants. “I am humbled and honored to receive this prestigious award," stated Dr. Gupta, “I do not believe I can accept this award without first thanking those who support and work with me. Being the Medical Director is simply one piece of the puzzle - our providers, medical staff and administrators are the true heroes of our center. Thank you for this tremendous honor. "

Dr. Gupta, an emergency physician with more than 25 years of experience has gained recognition, not only in his Yorktown urgent care center as providing “healthcare with a personal touch," but now across the state and nation. Once he was acclimated to the work of urgent care, in his hometown of Yorktown Heights, the opportunity to expand and open other centers in NY became his next venture. Three years after opening his first center, he has seen five additional centers open and prosper, spanning from the Bronx through the Hudson Valley.

Critical to his expansion was to establish a solid set of standards of quality that each center would be held to. Leaning on his nearly 10 years as Director of Quality Improvement at White Plains Hospital, he led the charge to achieve accreditation status with the Urgent Care Association (UCA), pending months researching, reviewing and writing protocols.

Dr. Gupta’s actions speak louder than his words – which he is often too humble to utter, but his greatest achievement lies in simply being a doer, a dreamer and an influencer. He is humility and leadership personified.

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