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Tick Bites

Tick Bites Treatment Clinic Q & A

At AFC Urgent Care & Walk-in Clinic our providers are very familiar with tick bites. No appointment is needed. Serving Wichita, KS. Haysville, KS. Derby, KS. Andover, KS. Newton, KS. El Dorado, KS. Winfield, KS. Hutchinson, KS. Arkansas City, KS.

Preventing and Stopping Ticks

As the weather improves outdoors, it is important to be aware of illnesses that pests can spread. Ticks are one of these common outdoor pests, and their bites can spread bacteria and viruses that eventually lead to rashes and sickness. They can be difficult to spot due to their small size and color, so it is important to be aware of preventative steps. At AFC Urgent Care Wichita, our team of medical professionals is experienced in preventing tick bites and diagnosing illnesses that arise from them. We offer walk-in appointments, saving you time and making your medical care convenient. Whether you require advice or medical treatment, our team is on call to keep you tick-free and healthy!

Here are just a few things that you should know about ticks, preventing them, and the symptoms of tick bites:

Where Are Ticks Found?

Ticks are found in outdoor environments, and most commonly in moist, wet areas. Shrubs, leaf piles, and tall grass can all harbor ticks- so be careful when walking through any of these or when you are on a trail.

How Can You Prevent Ticks From Biting You?

There are a number of ways to prevent ticks from biting you, such as:

  • Coating your clothes/shoes with permethrin, which kills ticks.
  • Use a repellent with DEET on your skin.
  • Shower within 2 hours of coming back inside the house.
  • Be aware of the vegetation you are walking through.
  • Check your body for ticks as soon as you are back inside.

How Do I Check For Ticks?

Checking for ticks is easy, but requires thoroughness. First, check your clothes for any ticks and dry them on high heat to kill any ticks that might be clinging on. Then use a mirror to check your entire body for any ticks, including your underarms and in your hair.

What Do I Do If I’ve Been Bitten By A Tick?

If you happen to find a tick on you, use tweezers to take it off completely. Watch for any rashes or symptoms, as this could also be a sign of a bad tick bite. If you think you’ve been bitten, be sure to see a physician promptly.

AFC Urgent Care Wichita is a great choice if you or a loved on are experiencing tick bite symptoms. We offer walk-in appointments so that you can be treated quickly and professionally. Our clinic also welcomes any questions that you may have about tick bites. We look forward to helping you with all of your medical needs!

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