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COVID-19 Diagnostic & Mobile Testing

COVID-19 Diagnostic & Mobile Testing

COVID-19 is an upper respiratory infection that has made headlines for its rapid, worldwide spread, including over 38,000 cases in Connecticut. The virus, which was initially detected at the end of 2019, is previously unseen and research is still being performed to determine critical information about it, including the full spectrum of symptoms and a vaccination. AFC Urgent Care Vernon is able to provide diagnostic testing for COVID-19 at our location as well as set up mobile testing at your business facility.

How does diagnostic testing for COVID-19 work?

The diagnostic test for COVID-19 is performed by taking a sample from the lower nasal cavity using a swab. It only takes a few moments and is painless. The sample is then taken to a lab and processed, with results available within 3-5 business days, depending on lab capacity or any unforeseen circumstances. 

Mobile Testing for Businesses & Residential Facilities

AFC Urgent Care Vernon is capable of performing mobile COVID-19 testing for local businesses, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. After setting up a tent in your parking lot, we will be able to provide swab testing to employees and residents to detect the active COVID-19 virus. During mobile testing, we take cautions by wearing full protective gear while encouraging those being tested to maintain social distancing. Results will be available in 3 business days depending on congestion in the lab or any unforeseen circumstances. Mobile testing is ideal for businesses with residents who are unable to leave the premises and businesses beginning to get employees back to the office to ensure everyone’s safety.

COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing in Vernon, CT

If you are exhibiting symptoms including dry cough, fever, body aches and recent loss of taste or smell, contact AFC Urgent Care Vernon today. You can schedule a telemedicine visit to consult with a provider right from the comfort of your own home. For questions, please call 860-986-7600.

***Disclaimer: Certain insurers may require a copayment

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