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myAFC membership program

At AFC Urgent Care in Statesville NC, we understand the unique challenges businesses face with rising health insurance costs. Compared to larger corporations, businesses can end up paying 8%-18% more for the same health plans. This is where myAFC comes into play, offering a cost-effective Direct Primary Care solution that significantly lowers healthcare expenses while providing unparalleled access to healthcare services. With myAFC, we offer a simple, flat monthly fee structure for comprehensive care, positioning it as an attractive alternative to traditional insurance models.

Here are the top benefits of integrating myAFC into your business:

myAFC membership program

Reduced Healthcare Expenses:

We recognize the financial barriers high-deductible health plans create, often discouraging employees from seeking necessary care. myAFC addresses this issue head-on by providing affordable access to healthcare without the burden of deductibles, reducing the likelihood of costly emergency room visits and the associated risks of delayed care.

myAFC membership program

Enhanced Access to Care:

Our commitment to convenience means your employees can access AFC providers beyond the constraints of traditional office hours. We’re here in the evenings, weekends, and holidays to ensure your team receives timely and continuous care, which is essential for managing illnesses and maintaining overall health.

myAFC membership program

Decreased Absenteeism and Increased Productivity:

By eliminating copays and simplifying access to care, myAFC allows your employees to consult with our healthcare providers via telemedicine with ease. This reduces the need for time off work, enhancing productivity and ensuring your business operates smoothly.
myAFC membership program

More Attractive Benefits Packages:

The affordability of myAFC enables your business to offer enhanced health benefits, setting your company apart in the job market. This not only aids in attracting and retaining top talent but also helps in reducing overhead costs.

myAFC membership program

Fostering a Healthier Work Environment:

Providing your team with access to regular, affordable healthcare promotes a proactive approach to health and wellness. This not only cultivates a healthier workplace culture but also underscores your commitment to your employees’ well-being.

As healthcare costs continue to climb, myAFC represents a viable solution for businesses looking to effectively manage healthcare expenses and improve employee health and satisfaction. Interested in bringing the myAFC advantage to your business?

See how myAFC can transform your approach to employee healthcare.

myAFC membership program

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