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Drug Testing in Pinellas Park, FL

AFC Urgent Care provides walk-in pre-employment and post-accident drug testing with quick results.

Drug Testing in Pinellas Park, FL
Drug Testing in Pinellas Park, FL

AFC Urgent Care of Pinellas Park Urgent Care, located in Pinellas Park, offers Drug Testing to assist business hiring candidates quickly with less hassle. Our medical center has extended hours to accommodate your corporate team and making it convenient for your candidates. Our team of medical professionals understand that time is critical when you have a highly qualified candidate who is interviewing with multiple employers. You need drug screen tests that provide fast results so you can make an offer before your competitors do. Benefits of AFC Urgent Care Drug Testing are many and include:

  • You don’t wait days for results with Drug Testing. You and your company will receive web-based negatives test results on your desktop within 15 minutes of test completion. Therefore, allowing you to be on the phone as soon as possible to make the job offer to your first-choice candidates.
  • Drug Testing system is paperless and generates an electronic chain of custody form (eCCF) for every non-regulated test you need.
  • Using the Drug Testing online system, you can track each donor’s status in real time, ensuring you maintain testing-window compliance and viewing the test results.
  • Drug Testing database stores all the information about your drug test screenings so you can access it any time, including chain-of-custody document and other qualification requirements.
  • Drug Testing provides a diverse set of tools to address your Department of Transportation (DOT) specific requirements.

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