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DOT Physical Exam in Pinellas Park, FL

Are you in need of a DOT physical? Come to American Family Care to receive yours today! Our doctors are trained to help you with all you healthcare needs. Call (727) 201-8585 today.

When your employees are classified as “safety-sensitive" for the Department of Transportation, DOT, their job can affect both their own safety and the safety of the public. In order to ensure safety measures, it is essential for all employees to have a regular physical examination in order to keep working. A DOT physical exam complies with stringent guidelines regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, FMCSA, ensuring that commercial drivers and other safety-sensitive employees, like public transport, are in good health and can work safely.

DOT physicals are a common and easy type of physical, but they can be burdensome to schedule weeks in advance. At AFC Urgent Care Pinellas Park, we offer walk-in DOT physicals for our patients, all at an affordable cost. Our experienced and friendly medical staff at AFC Urgent Care Pinellas Park is well-practiced when it comes to DOT physicals, and can provide you with a fast and comfortable experience at our clinic.

What Does A Dot Physical Consist Of?

The DOT physical consists of 5 major parts:

Vision Testing

Without surprise, good vision is required to operate a commercial vehicle. The DOT physical requires drivers to have at least 20/40 vision with or without the use of corrective lenses. This means you must be able to see within 20 feet what people with perfect vision can see within 40 feet.

Drug Testing

Drug testing are performed to ensure drivers do not use addictive or habit-forming substances that jeopardize the safety of themselves and others while operating commercial vehicles. DOT-mandated drug tests are required to use urine samples only.

DOT drug tests screen for opioids, cocaine, THC/marijuana, amphetamines and PCP. Those who test positive for these drugs may be interviewed to dictate whether an alternative medical explanation can be provided for substances found in the urinalysis.

Hearing Testing

Another requirement to operate a commercial vehicle is good hearing. The DOT physical exam requires you to be able to hear a whisper in one ear within a distance of five feet without the use of a hearing aid. However, if you use a hearing aid in the other ear, you can still pass the DOT physical.

Brain and Neurological Screening

A DOT physical includes a neurological scan to identify disorders or injuries of the brain that cause epilepsy or seizures. Even if the seizures can be controlled, anyone with a history of epilepsy will be disqualified from receiving a DOT medical card. This regulation is in place to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers, and others should a driver experience a seizure while operating a vehicle.

Cardiovascular Screening

Finally, one must have good heart health to pass the DOT physical. Research suggests that operators of commercial vehicles are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease and complications that put themselves and others at risk for injury and death. Those who have a history of serious heart complications or who use medical devices like defibrillators and pacemakers may be disqualified from receiving a DOT medical card.

What is included in a DOT Physical?

During a DOT physical, the examiner assesses both your physical and mental health to ensure no medical conditions will impede your ability to drive and safely operate a vehicle. The doctor performs a series of tests to check your vision, hearing, blood pressure, digestive, and mental health. You may also undergo urinalysis for diabetes and drug testing.

A DOT physical usually take between 30 minutes and one hour to complete. Drivers who have existing medical conditions are encouraged to bring the appropriate documents.

Drivers are mandated to disclose all pre-existing health conditions with their doctors at the time of the DOT exam. Failure to disclose health conditions can result in disqualification for a DOT medical card and in some cases, legal fines.

How Often Am I Supposed To Get a DOT Physical?

Commercial drivers must take the DOT physical every two years. If you have a condition that needs monitoring, you may be required to get a physical more frequently. Once you have passed your physical, the doctor in charge will give you a certificate.

Drug testing can be a long process, but with our on-site laboratories you or your employees can receive fast and accurate results in no time! At our walk-in clinic, we promise great medical service and can see to your DOT physical needs on your own watch. We recommend that you call ahead, just to confirm that there is a certified DOT exam provider on site at AFC Urgent Care Pinellas Park.

If you or someone you know are applying for a driving position or already have one are in need of an DOT medical exam, please contact our office for more information and get in touch with a specialist in the Pinellas Park, FL, area. Call us at Call: (727) 201-8585 or visit us online at AFC Urgent Care Pinellas Park. We are located at 7101 US Hwy 19 N Pinellas Park, FL 33781.

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