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Tattoo Infection Treatment

Tattoo Infection Treatment in Ooltewah TN | AFC Urgent Care

Worried your tattoo is infected? Visit AFC Urgent Care 7 days a week for tattoo infection treatment – no appointment required.

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More and more people are choosing to get tattoos, but there are risks involved, including the possibility of infection. AFC Urgent Care is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our community by offering top-quality, accessible treatment for tattoo infections.

We do not offer tattoo removal services.

What causes a tattoo infection?

Unsanitary needles or equipment used by tattoo artists are the most frequent cause of tattoo infections. Bacteria introduced into the wound can cause infections. Other factors that can lead to tattoo infections include not following aftercare instructions provided by the tattoo artist, scratching or picking at scabs that form on the tattooed area, exposure to unclean water sources like public pools or hot tubs during the healing process or getting a tattoo in an unsanitary environment.

Signs & Symptoms of a Tattoo Infection

If your tattoo becomes infected, the skin around it might get red, bumpy, or have a rash. Sometimes, people with sensitive skin can feel a little uncomfortable after getting a tattoo, but this usually goes away within a few days. However, if you notice symptoms lasting for more than a week, it’s important to see a doctor to prevent further problems. Some common signs of an infected tattoo include:

  • Swelling and redness near the tattoo
  • Pain
  • Tenderness and itching
  • Warmth coming from the tattoo
  • Pus-like fluid
  • Fever

Can a tattoo infection lead to a staph infection?

Although staph bacteria can cause tattoo infections, other factors can contribute to infections as well. However, if you don’t seek treatment for an infected tattoo, it could lead to a staph infection, which poses severe health risks and can even be life-threatening. Don’t hesitate to seek medical attention promptly if you suspect you have a tattoo infection. Our healthcare providers can evaluate the severity of the infection and offer effective treatment to prevent potential complications.

Tattoo Infection Treatment

If you think your tattoo may be infected, it’s important to get treatment at our urgent care clinic right away. The treatment may include antibiotics, cleaning the wound, or draining fluid from the affected area. To avoid more infection or scars, it’s very important to follow your AFC provider’s instructions and not scratch or pick the area. Keep it clean and dry to help it heal faster.

Preventing Tattoo Infections

To prevent tattoo infections, it’s important to actively choose a reputable tattoo shop or artist and evaluate their cleanliness and hygienic practices. After getting a tattoo, you can effectively prevent infection by actively following the aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist. These instructions usually include consistently washing the tattoo gently with mild soap and water, avoiding swimming or soaking the tattoo in water for several weeks, keeping the tattoo moisturized with a recommended ointment and monitoring the tattooed area for any symptoms of infection for several weeks.

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