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“This visit was great. Everyone was cheerful and helpful. I did not have a long waiting period in the main office or the actual doctor’s room. The doctor and the staff were very professional and informant. I even sent an email , before I had visit this office. I received an email back with in 10 minutes of sending it. That’s great to me, as time is so important these day. I would recommend Doctor’s Express in a heart beat. I was so impressed that I plan on having my employees do their physicals with this company. Hats off to everyone for making a sick day turn to a positive day"
“I came in feeling lousy and was impressed by the professionalism and short wait time. Dr. Goldberger was not only thorough and extremely informative, but funny and a pleasure to talk to. It felt good to go to a medical facility where I was treated like a person, not a number. All the staff were very friendly and professional. AFC Urgent Care is convenient and feels warm and friendly. I will come here again."
“This was a great experience (despite being sick!) It was better than any emergency room visit and I was treated well and quickly, Doctor was helpful and offered long time advice. I would recommend to anyone who could use these services. Thank you!!"
“I HATE going to ER’s…but this was a great experience! Granted, I had an infection in my leg and was leaving on an out of state vacation, so I wasn’t feeling 100% but still this experience was really good. I Hardly waited at all, the doctor was great, very friendly and very knowledgeable. She didn’t waste a lot of time but got the job done! I have already recommended this facility to a couple of friends. We need a urgent care location like this in our area, and I wish them much success! I hope I don’t need to, but I wouldn’t think twice about going here in the future!"
– M.H.
“My wife and I were HIGHLY impressed with your entire staff and Dr. Joseph Sliwkowski. We have both had skads of medial experiences and THIS WAS ONE OF THE SINGLE BEST. Please feel free to call me if you want a further testimonial !"
“I was in a fair amount of pain from a sacroiliac joint problem and coincidentally Dr. Sliwkowski, who was the Provider on duty, was an expert in treatment of spinal and hip problems. He was clearly knowledgeable and understanding and made several recommendations for treatment which, amazingly, showed almost immediate reduction in pain. So I was quite impressed with my first visit to AFC Urgent Care! The staff were all pleasant and courteous and attentive to my needs and my wife’s needs."
– G.B.


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