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AFC New Bedford Urgent vs. Retail Clinics

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Urgent vs. Retail Clinics

Healthcare consumers have more treatment options than ever for their medical needs, including minor injury clinics located in big-box stores.
These retail clinics, commonly referred to as Minute Clinics, aim to provide patients with a variety of common healthcare services for minor medical needs. The idea is that patients that are performing other activities such as grocery shopping or refilling a prescription can also get medical treatment.
However, consumers need to understand that retail clinics are note a viable alternative to urgent care centers.
An urgent care center like AFC New Bedford has medical staff, equipment, and resources that is not commonly available at a retail clinic:

  • Urgent care centers are equipped with x-ray equipment to help diagnose fractures and bone breaks. Conversely, retail clinics don’t usually have x-ray services for their patients.
  • An urgent care center is staffed with a board-certified physician to help guide treatment and administer care for a variety of illnesses and conditions. Usually, retail clinics only employ a nurse practitioner or a similar medical assistant.
  • Urgent care centers also provide lab and diagnostic tests to evaluate the severity of illnesses or injuries. Most retail clinics don’t have similar lab capabilities as urgent care centers.
  • Urgent care centers additionally open on their own hours/schedules and provide service on weekends. Retail clinics are limited to the hours of their major retail location.

Not sure if a retail clinic is up to the task to addressing your urgent care needs? Then come visit AFC Urgent Care New Bedford at 119 Coggeshall St. on a walk-in basis. No appointment is ever needed and you can come right in any day of the week!
Patients can also call us at 508.990.1900 to reserve a spot in advance!

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