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Drug Testing at Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinics in Greenville, SC

AFC Urgent Care offers Drug Tests 7 Days a Week & No Appointment Is Needed

Drug Testing at Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinics in Greenville, SC

Drug testing is a critical part of the employment process and in maintaining workplace safety for many employers. At AFC Urgent Cares in Greenville, we understand that employers want accurate results in a fast and efficient service.

AFC Urgent Cares in Greenville, SC offer a wide variety of drug testing options to meet the needs of employers.

DOT drug screening- Our staff is trained and certified to perform DOT Drug Tests. We use DOT standards for our entire urine drug screen to ensure the most accurate results.

Pre-employment drug testing- We offer 5 and 10 panel instant urine drug tests as well as hair tests. For 5 panel tests, we offer the option of using the eScreen web-based drug test result and chain of custody system. Results are instantly communicated to the employer in a secure manner. We are also flexible to use traditional instant drug screens using any lab and chain of custody form of the employer’s choosing.

Random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident testing- We are available to provide tests for all these circumstances. For companies requiring a significant number of random drug tests we can arrange to have our staff come onsite.

We also do individual, non-employer related testing on a walk-in basis. See our service page for more information.

Our drug tests are quick and efficient, giving employers the rapid results they need in the workplace. If you have any questions about the drug testing process or the services offered at AFC Urgent Cares in Greenville SC, please contact us today.

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