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STD Treatment

STD Treatment Available Near Downingtown, PA

AFC Urgent Care Downingtown Provides STD Treatment in Downingtown 7 Days a Week.

STD Treatment Available Near Downingtown, PA

Testing for sexually transmitted diseases is vital to ensure optimal sexual health. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggest regular testing if you are sexually active. It will protect not only you but also the health of your partner. At AFC Urgent Care Downingtown, we have STD Testing available with no appointment needed. If your test comes back as positive, we can assist with your treatment and provide medical care.

Can I receive STD Treatment in Downingtown at AFC Urgent Care?

Yes, STD Treatment is available at AFC Urgent Care Downingtown. We can treat many STD’s at our clinic. Some of the sexually transmitted diseases we can treat include:

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Herpes Simplex 1 & 2
  • HPV
  • Molluscum
  • Pubic Lice
  • Scabies
  • Syphilis
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Vaginitis

Please note we do not offer any HIV treatment at this time, only testing. Contact your primary care physician for information regarding HIV Treatment.

How are STDs treated at your urgent care center?

Many sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are caused by a bacterial infection and are relatively easy to treat. STDs caused by viruses cannot always be cured but can be managed. STDs can infect a fetus if you are pregnant, so immediate treatment is recommended for pregnant women to prevent passing this infection to their baby.

What types of STD treatments are available in Downingtown?

There are two types of STD Treatments available: Antibiotics and Antiviral drugs.

For STDs caused by bacteria or parasites, antibiotics are often used to cure the infection. Sometimes these antibiotics are given in single doses, and other times, it may be a treatment lasting several days. Some of the STDs that can be treated with antibiotics include gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, and trichomoniasis. It isn’t uncommon for someone to have more than one STD at a time, and multiple STDs can be treated at once. Much like with other antibiotic prescriptions, you should finish an entire regimen of antibiotics even if you are starting to feel better. During your visit to our urgent care center, be sure to inform our board-certified physicians of any drug allergies you may have so we can give you the best treatment possible.

Viral STDs, like herpes or HIV, require antiviral drugs. Antibiotics are not effective in treating these infections. Viral STD infections may be impossible to cure fully, but antiviral drugs will help suppress the symptoms, lower the risk of transmission, and help reduce the recurrence of outbreaks. Keep in mind that if your viral infection is not cured, you still may be able to spread it to your partner. Antiviral drugs can help keep your viral STD infection in check for years, and the sooner you start it, the more effective it is.

Are antibiotics and antiviral drugs available at AFC Urgent Care Downingtown?

Yes, we have most of these treatments available onsite and can order additional treatments if needed.

Can I engage in sexual intercourse once I start treating my STD?

You should abstain from sex with your partner during your STD treatment and for at least seven days after you finish the antibiotic medication. If your STD has resulted in any visible sores, you should wait until they heal as well. Experts suggest getting another STD test in about three months because there is a higher chance of reinfection.

Can I receive confidential STD treatment at AFC Urgent Care Downingtown?

Yes, if you have an STD in the Downingtown area, you can receive confidential treatment at our walk-in clinic. However, experts encourage contacting your current and past partners in the last year. You may have infected them, and they should get tested. The sooner they can receive treatment, the easier they can maintain their health.

If you have difficulty with contacting past partners, local health departments may have specialized personnel who can help you in the notification process. It’s critical to inform your current and past partners to prevent the spread of any STD infections.

Do I have to get tested? Can I start an STD Treatment without STD Testing?

We understand it can be very stressful and traumatic to think you may have an STD or STI. However, testing is needed to confirm an infection before treatment begins. We cannot prescribe medications unless testing confirms the need for these powerful medicines. If you suspect you may have an STD in the Downingtown area or have risk factors for one, immediate testing and treatment is needed. Delaying treatment can cause serious medical conditions, complications, chronic symptoms, and even death. It also puts the public health at risk if you are sexually active.

Avoid placing blame on your sex partner as the infection may have come from a past partner from either one of you. When you visit our urgent care center, be honest with our staff and physicians. You can expect a judgment-free environment when you come for your STD Treatments and complete confidentiality.

Where can I find more information about STD Testing in Downingtown? 

AFC Urgent Care Downingtown is available seven days a week to provide you the health care you need. We can help educate you and provide you with STD Treatments. Call today at (610) 518-1060

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