Sore throat treatment options at urgent care

November 18, 2020

A sore throat is an inflammation, scratchiness, or irritation within the throat, causing more pain when you swallow. There are several causes of sore throats, including viruses and infections.

Fortunately, a sore throat on its own is not that serious. Hence, you can rely on treatment methods at home and at an urgent care clinic. In some cases, it may even resolve on its own. Sore throats stemming from bacteria may require antibiotics and other forms of treatment to prevent deterioration and complications. However, sometimes it may be challenging to differentiate between a sore throat and something more serious, such as an underlying illness.

To know more about your illness and better diagnosis, we recommend checking with your local urgent care provider about your sore throat symptoms. You may have to take tests that determine the underlying reason for your symptoms. Based on the results, your physician can suggest treatment options that alleviate pain instantly. Here are some of the sore throat treatment options available at urgent care.

Treatment Options:

You can treat sore throats at home easily. A typical sore throat lasts for five to seven days and rarely requires medical attention. However, if you find your sore throat to be a cause of concern and are experiencing any other symptoms, do not hesitate to have a quick check-up at an urgent care clinic.

You may receive a prescription for acetaminophen or other forms of mild pain relievers. Over-the-counter medications (ibuprofen or acetaminophen) are available for children to relieve symptoms. It is unwise to give teenagers or children aspirin as it can lead to a fatal disease, Reye’s syndrome, which can prove life-threatening as it causes inflammation or swelling in the brain or liver.

Bacterial infection sore throats might call for antibiotics and may even require you to continue use even after the symptoms reduce or disappear entirely. Not following the course as per the physician’s directions can cause the infection to spread in your body or worsen the condition. Children with an uncompleted course of antibiotics are open to higher risks of serious kidney inflammation as well as rheumatic fever. Visiting an urgent care clinic even for mild conditions may be beneficial because it allows a patient to stay on top of the illness. Moreover, you receive immediate treatment on the same day of your visit. You may even consider other types of treatment as per the diagnosis of your illness and its severity.

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