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Clemson Urinalysis Testing

Clemson Urinalysis Testing at AFC Urgent Care

Fast, easy urinalysis testing

AFC Clemson provides on-site urinalysis testing, which is an assessment of both chemical composition and physical characteristics of urine. This process is extremely common and is one of the easiest ways of detecting a variety of diseases such as kidney disorders, urinary infections, diabetes, or even liver problems. Save your spot online now or walk right in!

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What is a Urinalysis?

A urinalysis is the examination of urine on both physical and chemical levels. They can be used for workplace drug tests or to evaluate other aspects of health including protein levels, glucose concentration, etc. This can help us determine how healthy certain organs are as well as detect a variety of diseases. Urinalysis is done quite frequently with regular checkups, during physical examinations, and more.

Urinalysis Testing at an Urgent Care Near You

AFC Urgent Care in Clemson is a state-of-the-art medical center with compassionate staff and top-notch equipment. With deep expertise, you can count on AFC Urgent Care to put your mind at ease. Save your spot for your urinalysis test online today!

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