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Clemson Pink Eye Treatment

Pink Eye Treatment Clinic in Clemson, SC

Visit AFC Urgent Care, If Are Looking For Pink Eye Treatment Clinic. Call Us For More Information.

Pink Eye Treatment Clinic in Clemson, SC

The sooner you deal with pink eye, the better, and we can have it dealt with right away for you here at AFC Urgent Care Clemson. We’re your local urgent care clinic and pink eye treatment clinic in Clemson, SC. Drop in any day of the week, no appointment necessary. You can come see us today for immediate treatment for pink eye, right on the spot!

What are the most common symptoms of pink eye?

Pink eye is a condition that’s also known as conjunctivitis, and it’s the inflammation or infection of the inner lining of the eyelid/eyelids. The culprit is typically a bacterial or viral infection, but sometimes an allergic reaction can cause the condition. Pink eye may happen to babies under different circumstances. Since the condition can be quite contagious, immediate treatment is best.

The most common symptoms of the condition tend to be:

  • A discharge from the eye/eyes that crusts and tends to form at night
  • A gritty feeling in the eye/eyes
  • Eye redness
  • Teary eyes or a teary eye
  • Itchy eyes or an itchy eye

For pink eye treatment, go to an urgent care clinic like ours. You should definitely come to a clinic like ours if your symptoms may be due to contact lens use.

Should you go to an urgent care clinic for pink eye?

If you’re having symptoms and wearing contact lenses, or if you believe your symptoms were caused by contact lens use, take your contacts out. And if your symptoms don’t clear up in under 12 to 24 hours, come to AFC Urgent Care Clemson SC so we can make sure you don’t have any kind of serious issue. Actually, you should consider coming into our clinic regardless of what caused your symptoms, as we can relieve the symptoms quickly and help you prevent the condition from spreading to other people.

An urgent care clinic like ours is amazing for pink eye treatment, as you don’t need to make an appointment at all, and you can go in any day of the week. The doctors there are more than capable of handling pink eye.

Do I need a prescription for pink eye?

This really depends. Sometimes a prescription antihistamine or decongestant can help with pink eye, like with allergic conjunctivitis. In some cases, antibiotic eye drops are the best treatment, while in other cases, symptom relief is the way to go. Sometimes the best treatment for pink eye is relief with artificial tears or a cold/warm compress. During the period of treatment, it’s important to avoid contact lens use, if applicable. You might need to disinfect or even dispose of your current lenses and/or your contact lens case. If you believe eye makeup could have caused your pink eye, you might need to replace it.

Since pink eye has different causes, professional diagnosis and treatment is best. We provide these services here at AFC Urgent Care Clemson SC, and an appointment is never necessary for our services!

Where is your pink eye treatment clinic in Clemson, SC?

You’ll find AFC Urgent Care Clemson SC over at 13400 Clemson Blvd Seneca, SC 29678. We’re available to you and your loved ones 7 days a week, and we’re open late for you. You’re welcome to call us at (864) 506-8990, but for pink eye, it may be better to come see us right away. An appointment isn’t necessary, you can just drop in for immediate treatment! If that sounds good to you, then we look forward to seeing you soon here at AFC Urgent Care Clemson SC!

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