Why It’s Especially Important To Get Vaccinated For The Flu in 2021

September 30, 2021
Why do you need to get a flu shot this year? We hear it all the time. But, this time it is important to get vaccinated for the flu in 2021 because COVID-19 is still here. Unfortunately. . Both viruses have symptoms that are very similar and heading into the flu season, you don’t want to get both. The CDC has issued a statement that everyone over the age of 6-months needs to get the flu shot this year. In addition to this, they suggest that people get it as early as September, or October, before the flu season begins. AFC Urgent Care West Hartford now offers the quadrivalent flu shot and we have put together this blog to inform you of everything you need to know about why you need to get a flu shot in preparation for the 2021/2022 flu season.

There are new updates for the 2021 flu vaccines

The CDC has information and updates for the flu vaccine in 2021 that you should know.   There are also two new vaccines licensed for use during the 2020-2021 flu season. To better prepare seniors,  there is now a quadrivalent high-dose vaccine that replaces the former trivalent dose. The second one is a quadrivalent adjuvanted vaccine for the elderly that has an additional influenza B component.    

When and where can I get a Flu Shot this year?

When: Typically, the flu vaccine will last all through the season (until March), so there is no need to worry that it will wear off too soon at this point in time. If you get it soon, you will be prepared for the flu season and to rule out the flu if you do happen to catch COVID-19.  Where: You will be able to come to our West Hartford walk-in urgent care center and receive a flu shot anytime during business hours, 7 days a week! An appointment is never required and most insurances cover the vaccine. If you have any questions concerning your child’s vaccination schedule give us a call and we’ll help you out.

I heard that you can get the flu from the vaccine. Is that true?

  Myth buster!: You can not contract the flu from a flu shot. The virus in your shot is not live, and has been weakened to the point that it will not actually make you sick, but will encourage your body to start creating antibodies to fight a possible flu. Fun Flu Fact!: Another great side effect of getting the flu shot is that it not only protects you against the flu, but effectively boosts your immune system. By getting the vaccine you are decreasing your chance of getting sick in any form this season.

What happens If I catch COVID-19 and the Flu?

We really hope that this does not happen.  Research has shown that it is possible to get more than one respiratory infection while having COVID-19. We hope that it doesn’t come to this and that is why we highly suggest you get vaccinated for the flu. This way, we can at least rule out the flu when trying to diagnose COVID-19. If you get both it will be hard to diagnose and treat.

Get your Flu Shot Today!

Expect a possible twindemic this flu season. If you or a loved one is worried about the flu you can come to our AFC urgent care center, no appointment necessary, at 1030 Boulevard, West Hartford, CT 06119-1801. At AFC Urgent Care West Hartford, we are open 7 days a week and ready to treat you.    We accept most insurances and also offer COVID-19 testing 7 days a week with no appointment needed.

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