Welcome to Men’s Health Month: Men’s Health Issues, Injuries And Prevention Tips For the Busy Guy

June 1, 2022

Man Holding His Heart Because He’s Experiencing Health Issues That Can Be Prevented By Getting More Frequent Checkups At AFC Urgent Care West Hartford

With the progress we’ve made in the past decade for improved technology, medical services, and screenings to help treat and prevent diseases, there is still a small “medical gender gap” between men and women when it comes to seeking medical care.

Men are more likely to skip checkups and screenings making them more likely to develop health issues with age. AFC Urgent Care West Hartford wants to help close this gap by offering full checkups for men to address health issues and injuries. After all, most of these issues can be prevented, starting with a check up at our center any day of the week.

Health Issues Men Face With Age

Let’s start off with cancer in men. Did you know that prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men (excluding skin cancer)? And according to the National Cancer Institute, testicular cancer is the most common cancer in American men aged 15-34? These health issues can easily be diagnosed by not skipping your doctor’s visit and to do more self checks for testicular cancer at home

There are also a number of other health concerns that are specific to men, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and mental health disorders. These health issues are often referred to as “silent, but deadly killers”. Take diabetes for example. Most U.S americans don’t know they’re diabetic or are borderline diabetic. What’s worse is some of these people know that they have a family history of one of these health conditions, but choose to avoid the doctor’s office anyway.

Let’s change that. If you’re a man and are starting to notice health changes or have symptoms of thirst, fatigue, frequent urination, tingling or numbness in your hands and feet, then it’s time to come in for a visit. 

Men Are Also More Likely To Get Injured At The Workplace

How can we forget about accidental injuries? Lately, we’re seeing more men come into our urgent care center for workers compensation services, sprains, fractures and X-ray services. But, why is that? Are men constantly looking for danger? Or is there something they can do to prevent injuries at the workplace? Jury is out on those!

It’s not that men are more likely to get injured or sick because they’re “men”, but ( in general) it’s the type of job that men work in that puts them at risk for injuries and illnesses. Every year, The U.S Bureau Of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports both fatal and nonfatal injuries and illnesses at the workplace and men are usually the victims. You can read more about these labor statistics and jobs to avoid or be aware of, here.

In light of health and safety month for the workplace, we encourage men to take more safety precautions at work and to wear safety gear to avoid accidents and mishaps. In the event you do get injured or sick, you can come see us and we’ll make you feel better. 

Don’t Remember The Last Time You Had A Check Up? It’s Time To Come In

Men: You need to put their health FIRST! If technology and medical equipment can improve overtime, so can societal norms for men to seek the health care they need to live a healthier and longer life. 

AFC Urgent Care West Hartford is here to help with men’s health issues and can provide services that can help you prevent the health issues we mentioned. From head to toe, we offer checkups for diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol and a whole lot more. We also have workers compensation services, state of the art X-ray services for injuries, and can treat cuts and sprains. You can count on us to help a guy out.

Walk-in any day of the week with no appointment needed, or make an appointment online here.

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