Understanding The Importance Of STD And STI Testing: Risks And Prevention

April 1, 2022

Group of people lined up for STI And STD Testing At AFC Urgent Care West Hartford

April is STD and STI Awareness month. Fact: 

If you’re sexually active, your risk of contracting an STD ( sexually transmitted disease) or STI ( sexually transmitted infection) increases. If you have more than one partner, the risk could be  even higher. Understanding the importance of STD testing, ways to prevent getting one is not only going to help you avoid them, but also help to prevent the spread and any health complications if you don’t treat one right away.

STDs continue to be a growing concern in the United States. Not everyone develops symptoms right away making it more of a threat if you don’t know your status. AFC Urgent Care West Hartford is aware that this STD awareness month is about offering more testing options and information to avoid STDs, which is why we have created a guide on STD and STI testing to help answer your questions and concerns. 

STDs and STI’s Are On The Rise

Who can get them, and what should you know about STDs over the past decade:

It is also important to note that STDs in the U.S. dropped then resurged during the COVID-19 pandemic. We can only speculate that during isolation, this drop occurred because there was a shift in focus for COVID-19 cases. Later in 2020, businesses, bars and nightlife began to reopen causing a resurgence in both COVID and STDs. 

In 2022, most of the restrictions around COVID-19 have been lifted in the United States and people are starting to travel again. Activity on dating apps have also increased since the pandemic began. Most singles are now “blunt” when it comes to dating and are saying what they’re looking for on a first date. "Are you looking for casual sex or marriage?”. 

Does This Mean There Are More Risks For STD’s and STI’s?

With new trends and behaviors revolving around sex, the important takeaway from the facts and statistics out there on STDs is that if you’re sexually active, you should get tested.  We can only hope that the numbers for testing increase in 2022 and the numbers for STD cases decrease. We highly suggest getting tested at least once a year even if you are sexually active with the same partner. If you’re sexually active with more than one partner, then it is highly suggested to get tested periodically throughout the year and to practice safe sex with a condom.

STD’s can also be transmitted in other ways. It’s not just during unprotected intercourse where you can get one, but through oral sex, anal sex and through cuts or breaks in skin. Herpes is a good example, because it can be transmitted from skin to skin contact. Because condoms are not 100% effective against all STDs, it's the areas not covered by a condom that can increase the risk.

STD Testing Is Offered 7 Days A Week At AFC Urgent Care West Hartford

Flowers and trees are not the only things blooming this time of year. So are spring and summer flings! Whether you’re getting over someone and starting something new with someone else, have the common sense to get tested together!


AFC Urgent Care West Hartford offers Confidential STD testing 7 days a week with no appointment needed, although you can make one. We have convenient hours on the weekdays from 8a-8p and weekend hours from 8a-5p. STD testing is quick, private, and usually consists of a quick urine sample, blood sample, and/or oral swab. Results for STD testing are available within a few days.

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